Talk Back - with host Gillian Burton Persaud Sunday July 28th 2019

Talk Back – with host Gillian Burton Persaud Sunday July 28th 2019

good evening viewers and welcome to talkback with Jillian I'm your host Jillian Burton facade and I'll be with you up until 8 hours this evening as we examine the trend in political issues in our country today well I must apologize for not being here last Sunday I was a bit under the weather you know they had some swords so you would not have been able to hear me effectively and fluently however I'm here with you there Sunday and we have issues that we will look at this evening the first being finally the appointment of a G come chairman and we also will look at political maturity and social harmony so those are the two things that we will look at this evening and as usual before we get into the meat of the program I'll bring you to this coat and it says every day is a new beginning take a deep breath and start again every day is a new beginning take a deep breath and start again well we need to do that from time to time because every day something new comes about and you know if it's not going our way then we just need to take a deep breath and get it going well the long-anticipated is you and you know the back and forth that was going on finally on Friday there was the appointment of a new chairman of ChiCom and that person is none other than retired just Madame Claudette Singh and you know persons would have said to her that said that she's a very stirring person she's very professional and she yeah does not take boolean and pushing over so you know that's good because we need somebody like that who will be able to stand up to the test of time and who will be able to stand their own ground and give us a professional a professional command earing of the G come and so we welcome the new G come chairman miss madam Claudette Singh retired judge and also senior counsel and we look forward now to hearing the date for the election so that's the noir thing on the table now the date for elections because we've been hearing a lot of utterances from the coalition leaders you know nobody can tell them when to hold elections and ccj can tell them and they never told them and all these kinds of things so you know we have a Jacob chairman in place and we're looking forward for the work to be up and going and we spoke last week you would have heard from the lead of the Opposition on the illegal house-to-house registration and I've noticed over the past week that delegation from the United Nations did speak to the fact that it will not be the wise thing to have a new list but to use the current list that is there so that the elections can go forth and it seems that sometimes the government is not listening to anybody here listening to their own selves we also had that bit of you know unfortunate incident where the president met with the members of the diplomatic community civil society and a private sector and you know after giving his address to them left without answering any questions that they might have been and many persons expressed their dissatisfaction at that and you know that's a very poor handling for someone who carries the highest position this country to be you know not wanting to answer questions you invite parts of stuff for minutes like listen to what I have to say and when I'm finishing what I have to see I'm not going to answer you on anything you take it or you leave it and we've been seeing a lot of that going on for you know sometime now people feel that they can talk down to everybody they get their word is the law but the thing about it is that we have a problem a situation where the custodians of the law refused refused to adhere to the laws of this country refused to uphold the constitution of this country and we do hope that the new G come Chairman Madame Claudette Singh will be able to guide the process in that way having been someone who is not uphold the rule of law nor uphold the Constitution in the execution of her duties and that brings me to the point of talking about political maturity you know I have been for some time now observing the words and the comments and the statements by persons who are known or claimed to be political leaders in our country today and it's sad what is coming out from those persons I want to remind us all that we have a motto that says one people one nation one destiny and that was not plucked out of the skies as a matter of fact it was a minister of the PPP government mr. Brindley been father of mr. Robson been who crafted that motto for us and it's a unique motto because Dianna's we know it has six races and we can even say we have a seventh because with a combination of different races you know but so many thousand years of all our indigenous brothers and sisters their ancestors came here the Amerindians they were the first persons on this land later the Europeans came employed the Amerindians but because of the harsh labor new fled those plantations and then we have what is known as the slave trade that commenced not only in the ANA but across the Caribbean and even in North America where Africans were brought stolen from their homelands and brought here to work on plantations as slaves a very inhumane conditions and after slavery would have emancipated the emancipation of slavery the abolition of slavery we had what became the indentured system where the ancestors from India came here and worked on the sugar plantations and they were followed by the Portuguese who also came and did their stint followed by the Chinese who came and did his stint and there was at one point in time you had Europeans who were poor that came here also to work so Guyana has a very unique story of having persons journey from thousands of lands across the seas to come here and to make here their home and they were all living at one point in time in love and harmony but sadly our political system and the grid of political leaders and a few will the feud that was fueled between our peoples have had as in this state up until today today when we look at social media we read what's going on in social media and we read the comments coming from both sides of a political divide persons are so fueled up that we have a lot of ethnic and racial disharmony in our myths and it's sad because that tells us that we are not one people we are a divided people when we want to accept it or not and it only takes the notification of an upcoming general and regional elections they call it the silly season and we need to get rid of that term when you see all the racial profiling all the racial derogatory remarks are being made against each other and we need to stop I want to send that a special Plato a historians let the story be told and let it be told in truth unless we can sit as a people and look at our history and analyze it and objectively and precisely and honestly say what has rent went wrong in our past the healing will never take place and the time has come for us as leaders when it's in politics when it's in our various religious organizations where it's in our various civil society organizations in our communities in our schools to work together to get the rid of this scourge that has become a life soar on our country today it's so sad when you look at the comments that are being made against each other there is hardly a comment on Facebook that has to do with politics that the race baton in the race hating is not coming into being and I would wonder what the ERC is really doing about it there need to be a program about that we need to stop because it is hurting our country we are hurting each other and we need to have mature political leaders I have read some comments coming from political leaders or persons who are leaders in our society and the nasty derogatory and irrelevant comments that are being made about one race or other races these are the people who are supposed to be taking us down a road of development opening our consciousness and our awareness of who we are as a people and if we cannot come to that point where we can be one people who came from various ancestry backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds and look at ourselves not as indo-guyanese or afro-guyanese and you know I don't hear about poor tone I'm a rindo and and you know I'm Caucasian Guyanese we just hear about endone afro-guyanese so those are the two major sectors that this issue of race is like a deep-seated abscess we need to start looking at ourselves as Guyanese yes we come from different ethnic backgrounds but over the years over the centuries we have lived we have worked we have worshipped in this one space we call home we call Guyana and when they asked what your nationality is we put Guyanese we don't put in no Guyanese and afro-guyanese on Porto guy knees and Chino we don't put that we put we're nationalities Guyanese so we are indeed in fact Guyanese and wherever we go in the world we are Guyanese and so we need to start looking at ourselves as Guyanese that is when we can acclaim the fact and the truth that we are one people elections will come elections will go parties will form some will remain and some will dissolve but we need to start looking at a campaign that campaigns on issues and not raise I'm seeing some old political leaders coming out and they talking about what happened back in then and what happened then yes those are good points for us to bring but bring it with the truth and the facts don't adulterated don't dilute it or don't add spices to it to use it as a weapon as a tool to instigate and incite conflict and strife in our country and I want my viewers to think about it when you are galvanized and you are being motivated to act in such manner to hurt your brothers and your sisters of another race another ethnicity when you are encouraged to destroy your country who have to live with the period of hardships that it will take to rebuild your country those political leaders who are telling you are those leaders who are telling you to go out and do the wrong things they will not be here try out the rebuilding they will disappear they will seek political asylum in another country they will pack up themselves and their families and they will go far away from here and you are the persons who have to be left here to suffer to bear the hardships so that our rebuilding and a replacement of the things that were destroyed take place and so we need to think very hard and sternly when our leaders are given us the wrong signals the wrong advice and I'm calling on political leaders in this country I'm calling on all leaders in this country we have an elections that is coming up let it be a peaceful elections let it be an elections that when political parties go to the pole it must not be what we saw in previous elections and a lot that happened in 2015 let your work speak for you let our campaign be on issues let it not be about race about ethnicity because again we are all Guyanese we have a right to speak out when things are not going right for us because when you go to the polls you elect leaders that will enhance your life enhance the life of your loved ones and take you to that next level of prosperity in life and I'm totally disturbed of the comments that I'm reading of persons who claim to be leaders in our society digging up old dirt putting it out there trying to mislead and misguide the young people of this country the young people of this country when you speak to them they have no interest they have no interest in a politically and a racially divided society they want to live together they want to be able to hang out together in peace they want to be able to marry the person of their choice regardless of the race or the ethnicity they don't need that and indeed we don't need that in our country so we have to bridge that gap that will take us and indeed we will be one people and it's only when we are want people we can be one nation the Guyanese nation and then together we can work and develop this country to lead it to the one destiny a destiny that is chartered and crafted so that all of us can live in this space and prosper live in peace so that is what we need to do that is what we need to happen in our country today and so I'm asking the people to all the our leaders to the task whenever they give you the negative comments and the negative statements that will see us becoming divided and being at each other's throats we need to call them out on it and let them know we don't need this we don't want this this not what we want we want to be able to live in peace we able need to be able to live lovingly unitedly in a harmonious way if we can't do that then we need to disband the ministry of social cohesion because social cohesion apart from bringing together all the different persons into one like-minded situation it's also to look at a well-being of each and every sector and we are seeing that half dinner of a country today we're hearing leaders talking about war we were hearing leaders talking about who ancestors whip on the other ancestors back with whips we are hearing about who was here first and who was here last and who have rights and who of ancestral claims to land and all these things I am saying that we are Guyanese I am saying that inhumane conditions under which many of our ancestors worked was not good and each of our epic race each ethnicity had a taste of the cruelty of slavery the Amerindians the indigenous brothers and sisters had their taste and that is why they took their flight deeper into the forest when the poor class of Europeans team it was so harsh they started to die out on the air when the Africans came it was harsh for them to and they had a lot of hardships to endure until the abolition of slavery and the indentures had it no better because if it wasn't the whips on their backs they had bad living conditions and poor wages in you been living conditions and then we had the Portuguese who came hardships inhumane conditions and then decided to go away move away we had the Chinese who came and the same thing and they moved away so each and every race ethnicity that came to this country all six did not have it easy it was about wealth against or those who were wealthy against those who were poor and so the wealthy took advantage of the poor regardless of your race your color or your creed today we have it much better we have the opportunity of developing our country of working together to make the Yana a beautiful place something a wonder of this world we are blessed with all the natural resources that is across the world and still as rich as we are with our natural resources we are poor dirt poor when it comes to living together in one space as a people as one people one nation so we need to stop the fight and the fuss we need to stop the hate the racial profiling we need to stop the race hate the race baiting and we need to call in our leaders to be responsible and mature and leaders with pride and dignity be examples morally and socially if we cannot to do that we will never be a one nation and we will never attain that one destiny and so now I open up the phone lines on two three three two four five nine to hear your comments here on talkback with Julian and so we're opening the phone lines here on two three three two four five nine two three three two four five nine to take your calls and the phone numbers are up on the screen here to take your calls I'll talk back with Julian good evening and welcome to talkback with Julian I would like to do it and give it to the politician then you study the Bible and then I get by the Parliament and then we have the appeal okay thank you well we cannot only use the Bible because we have our various religious bodies in our country and each person's freedom of worship so not just the Bible there there are other religious books good evening and welcome to top buffers Julian this issue is for the TV and do it you do Indian sitar and opener from deity you guys are really race to the finish here is something already PRT gr is not win the job the Commission freedom of thought is going on now it's 130 people in it something definitely wrong with DRC and David eyes need the proper thing which is review is I'm going to the Kenyans at all thank you very much thanks well that is why recalling our calling on all our leaders what are you political or whatever to take a responsible position good evening and welcome to top office Julien I admire you you are a fair and an honored speaker just keep going like that our country's a rich country our country is a beautiful country we don't have that kind of desire so that other country now and we need to work and live in love and harmony continue to show that love as you're showing to one another have a good night my dear sister thank you because Guyana we're rich we're so rich you know and yet we welcome to thank you for coming through you see we cannot have a motto then we need to change the motto if we have a motto that is saying one people one nation one destiny and we fighting each other down you know and it's senseless because when you look at what we are fighting you know for sometimes you have the question what are we fighting for you know people are taking you know investigation from leaders and that is why I am not blaming the people I'm blaming the leaders the leaders of our country you know regardless which part of the divide they come from or the organization leaders lead by example and we have a great role to play in this beautiful adventure so other countries will need to be united thank you thank you for coming indeed we have to be united to look after our interests if we divide it then you know what happens you know our chain is as strong as its weakest link 1 link goes missing and the chain cannot work so we need to have that chain effect that chain effect that we will look out for each others and when we get into those upper echelons of our political realm we need to look out for our brothers and our sisters because if we go to the people and we ask them to vote for us and we ask them to trust us that we will do things for them and then when we get there you know we forget about them it is so sad people are hurt because it's they were deceived good evening and welcome to top box with Jillian good night yeah thank you get the get off we need to be as one let me create oh we are one mythically so we have to be as one together to lead ok is not just the opposition alone we understand these people yesterday nobody big the week shows wherefore we understand weakness coming from and you have to work strongly because it's our country yeah yeah are we gonna get the upliftment not this like going though I better like your showing you an example because in the continuum be like dog become divided yes being shown that there's no bring any problem like no I agree with you we cannot be segregated we cannot be divided as I'm saying political parties will come some will stay for centuries or decades somewhat startup and they was doing the way they will you know go away but at the end of the day our political campaign must be on policies that will build our country that will enhance the lives of our people you know we're having a scenario unfolding before us that is a not nice situation you know it's not nice it has nothing to do with our nation build in look how long it took us to come to position and I think maybe whips had to go and somebody our bodies back before we had a G come chairman that was consensually elected come on what example are we showing to our young aspiring politicians because we will not remain politicians forever we're going to move away from the scene and others will have to take over and we need to leave a legacy that is rich and that is good morally sound this is an ongoing process it's not a one-off so we as leaders need to be careful with the way in which we conduct the business of this country good evening and welcome to talkback with Jillian what is Dennis dude you know we are Guyanese and you know I'm a Muslim right I'm my religion party but I gotta say is a kinda Oh oh you are you are not separated oh you don't Arabs you are not supported on a single the Sudanese we are equal to Jesus God initially I will remember we are going to have love one another with kept honor as galley you know us I work and see I'm all about efficacy you know I work on ski and traveling the world many of you 180 countries the problem the world I see a lot of places people no one and I start great with my country because I love my country and you have to be informative from Guyana it will be Africa know a small court in South America just between Suriname and that is the first small country you know and that fit with my country because I love my country I was living than you at one time and 97 the ambassador of they all know that I think what basically we went over the area really worth living minna-san Oh Titicaca wat there are bodies and everybody shake it on and so on and I going to get gnarly you watch me and they are you're a Spanish you are a jeweler I said no I'm a guy I'm a hundred percent guy than a crowd of attorneys you know a big initiative no this is from this freedom you know this is not good you know unless I got back to those people know who paid with racism you know no I did this and I knew I don't suppose kind of thing okay thank you for coming through and thanks for your comments you know when you're living in this one space and we're not so many people I don't think we've reached to the level of having a million persons and we have all this bottled up heat you know that it's coming out and we feed it to the young ones and you know it continues there were political leaders in the past who would have made them mistakes knowingly unknowingly willingly or unwillingly today we have political leaders we need to know back yes at the past but to look at it in an objective manner so that when we're crafting the future we will and must ensure we do not repeat those mistakes and we need to have an agenda as leaders as political leaders that will help our aspiring and young politicians coming up to be able also to look at the mistakes we would have made during our tenure and vow not to me repeat it again learn from those mistakes and that is what you know I do hope my political colleagues and my various leaders in their various offices can look back at that time and well not to repeat it again I don't want you to keep repeating in my ears the dark edges and the poetry of these words these are the dark times my love yes that was in that dark age but we don't need to go back to the Dark Age we need to get out of that darkness and enter into the light the light of progress and developments and peace and harmony not to drift back into the darkness but they are those who would have enjoyed the spoils of the dark era who would have reveled who would have been able to make the upward mobility because of the dark ages they would have trampled on people they would have trampled on situations never have used people to get where they wanted to go and so they think that they can use that know to keep themselves in an area or an environment of relevance well what needs to happen you would have had your time you would have done what you had to do what you did them good bad or indifferent you need know to have persons to do what they have to do for the betterment and you need to be so mature and responsible to seek to have them not go back to the dark ages or take this country back to the dark ages you need to be by virtue of wisdom and experience maturity and responsibility to guide the process into a more enlightened and progressive one that is what I'm hoping to see in this day and age but I'm sad as I said when I read comments in the media and under that social media you know some persons they then they come up out of the dirt under the grave like Frankenstein Freddy Krueger chalky you know and so they want to have you and Nightmare on Elm Street we don't want that in this period in this 21st century we want maturity and we want progress and it must be peaceful people say oh you have to be revolutionary because you're a political leader but revolutionary don't mean to say that you have to put people in a position where they destroy their country we don't need to destroy Guyana what we need to have happen is that when you go dear and you ask people to vote for you and you give them an agenda by which you're going to work which we call a manifesto then you need bring that manifesto into manifestation I don't get there and think about yourselves and your your your friends and your you know your your cabal and you know y'all having everybody having a good time and the people who went oh dear 4 o'clock in the morning 4:30 5 o'clock the wake up for a club getting ready to go then cast the vote for you you forget about them if politicians do the work that they are supposed to do then the track record would speak for them and you don't need to get nasty and gotta like you don't need that you don't need to call people to arms and to are your track record will speak for you dianna have some of the most brilliant minds in this world our young people are brilliant they're not stupid but they look for guidance from the adults and sad to say we have too many adults misleading our young people today and then when they go on the wrong track then we criticize them but there is not the decid Arado another item like the desiderata that said children live what they learn and children learn what they live teach them to love with their hearts and they will find love in the world and that is what we need to be doing in there and a beautiful country like Ayana we're talking about oil and gas coming but are we teaching our young people how responsible they should be with looking at issues and debating issues to disagree to agree so that they can take Dianna forward we're not doing that we fighting each other down who want to get the hands-on island who will get the oil money and who what they will do with the oil be happy not involving these young people that we're building these policies around because I'm many of us will be gone long and we're gonna leave our young people with a legacy that they could not unravel so we need to get real I'll continue taking calls here on talkback with Juliet good evening and welcome to talk with Jillian and after you doing many peopie's cops coming back in the government I will give you that position of cohesion to deal with it because you're very plain speaking and thank you congratulations very much thank you for coming through in evening and welcome to talk with Julian we are all human until rate disconnects you know religion separate so politics divides and well clarify thank you for punishment thank you for that code yes I'm getting about it we talk about race and race where one is one race the human race we have various ethnicities but we have one race the human race good evening and welcome to talkback with Jillian I guess want to let you know that they know this won't be a thing as though itself I just like no one we're seeing so many people elevated from the DPP side and I would love to be when did he get in the power at least people is require these people on the television and listen to the cries Ehrlich complains of the people and fixes one of the problems we had with the PDP when they never uses the living to the people and excitedly complains of the people and and that and I think that is one real problem that were as the pvp tsukamoto power so if I sure people get back into power and it should continuous over and listen to the cries of the complainer the people thanks economics with thanks for your comment because basically the call is right that is what people need to do when you're a politician you do to help people you know sometimes people come to you at the verge of wanting to commit suicide you know because they're looking to you you're a leader and you promised these people to look at them and then you leave them there on the fringes it's so bad good evening and welcome to top up with Jillian hello good evening welcome to talkback with Jillian yeah thank you yeah yes good evening I'm listening to you yeah while we're waiting we have a null a G come chairman and so um we have to look now for the next step and let's hope it's the confirmation Wow yes what we're hoping America according to the lead of the Opposition it should not be later than September 18th so let's see what the G come chairman you know she just got the portfolio on Friday so let's see what's going to happen yeah we know that we know everybody is this storm I disturbed you two because I was yeah but as I said she just came into office so you know you gotta get out a little bit of breathing space toe because she has to gain there she has to meet the staff and then she has to start her work thank you thank you for coming through violators all right thank you okay have a great day yes you know give them madam retired Justice Claudette thing we gotta give her some time you cannot expect her tomorrow to start you know doing things it I know what it is to come into a new office you know you gotta get at least a couple days in her case to breathe and get things in order you got a tough meetings with your your your your staff and your your management you know and start talking to the various key players within this whole scenario and to get things on going but just let's hope that we have the know that that Jacob chairman is there that we can have that early date for our elections good evening and welcome to talk about first Jillian good evening okay for many years and then the trouble men and remove me from here oh yeah I used to make my living mmm under the give it the given service and as a different out of me brood or whatever new property and the destroy are my my convenience mimicking them and you know nobody nobody impromptu be worry worry stock accused come to me and take away environment for me I thought some of this time on the server I get back to me judge we were standing around to know nobody involved okay so we think about that and I I was here over sorta something years flower arrangement right in front of the conference entrance well usually I administer them from the from the previous government this government everybody comedy conferences the comedy currycomb our body would you I used to make my living many a time I type of car you forget to you was a eunuch tonight a car with $20,000 well that's to tell you how the lines are busy but if you said you said you used to plant on the embankment you would need to get in touch with you are not in you gotta get into your NBC function ha ha Emily kokal NDTV lies from indoor screen well then you need you you spoke with them as mayor City Council what is it right there the factory they say you must need to answer you cannot do anything anymore right all right why you need to do you need to go into the office and led the opposition on Church Street and you will speak to someone saying if I tell you something miss you dad if you tell the opposition there right knows exactly releasable are you all right where you need to go into the office there and you will speak with one of the MPS all right all right good thank you for coming to did evening welcome to talkback with Jinyoung good evening we are at a minister a military of Aboriginal field for many many years it not only Armenians living a number engines alone in vienna what would other people we need a people ministry the barrel ministry the ministry of social cohesion is is a is a host we need people and they will be conquered we motto as one people one destiny and so forth and we got natural ministry for special services we need a ministry that all the people go in and get the problem shot thank you thanks for coming through good evening and welcome to talkback with Julien a good night you hear good night how are you I'm great I was looking at the ring on channel 9 of human is back yeah that is speaking about ring what I want you to do that the don't you pee and the ear see they are already generating so this is the deer running shoes or any please the weight waking up with is not waste of time thank you thanks for coming through well you know some people feel that is the way to go you know when you don't have anything to offer and everything is going out of control you feel the best way to do it is by as I said it is race card playing and Guyanese we the electorate we are the ones who need to call out leaders who are going down this road and let them know we're not happy about this this is that where we want to go and I'm talking nationally as it relates to whatever ethnic group the race baiting is being leveled at need to speak out about it need to send letters to the ERC and let them know that we dissatisfied with utterances that is coming from our leaders we need to be very strong on that position because it's no use we're gonna have a ERC ethnic relations commission that is there to look at this kind these kinds of issues and we're not sending our complaints to them we gotta let them know we as people we're not happy with it a lot of the young people who don't like it let the ERC know send them the letters you know write in the media we don't want this kind of life you know fighting at each other and put it now and cussing out to each other sometimes when you look on Facebook somebody put something about it it's you and nobody debates on that issue it's the back and forth and the core salt and the nasty name-calling whoo you know it's bad and it's being fueled by irresponsible leaders in our society we'll take a few more calls because we're from each region thank you for coming – thanks for your comment do you think a welcome to top up with Jillian hello good evening and welcome to talk with Jillian yes I'm here I think the Constitution – really I need I tell the Constitution's want to be a little bit more strong that whenever whenever they get wrong asked legal office and has proven to – rankings explain – leader they should first thing because it xuxa not one of the exterminated examinate I say you know what it is alright but the Constitution linked to already negativity need to read from this is moderate Emma to talk about modern time we need modern King in very Constitution it's an all constitutions baby right yeah all Constitution that is why do we talk about constitutional need to rewrite if we had some place where people would be afraid of it then the line middle line that we draw they might put it to the line they would love it so I think the Constitution need to yeah alright thank you for coming true all right where we up the program time here I cannot take any more cause I'm so sorry but we will continue the conversation and next Sunday because you know we gotta get this thing going we gotta get rid of this hate and this this strife and this conflict and look at the issues issues that would put Diana on a good footing you know so next week we'll continue the conversation I'll open up the phone lines a bit more early so that persons can call in it is with great being with you and as usual I co I close with an extract and this excerpt this week is from dr. Cheddi Jagan and he says the tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it we cannot change our past we cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way we cannot change the inevitable the only thing we can do is play on the one string we have and that is our at so we need to change our attitude you know we need to be bad that is what we're talking about be responsible be mature be truthful you know lead by example moral values are important and I plead again to my viewers out there and as we said spread the word let this election campaign be about issues call out those persons who are inciting racial and ethnic division and disharmony we do not need it in Tiano if we continue this way then we might have let's change our motto and we have a motto that can guide us in that direction to be a better people a more loving and caring persons for each other one people one nation one destiny with these words I say thank you for having me in your home thanks for those who were able to call in and until next week I say to you have a blessed evening and a very safe and productive week ahead of you thanks for being with me I was your host julian burton facade on talkback with Julian


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