Windows Forensics: Event Trace Logs – SANS DFIR Summit 2018

(audience applause) – Today we're gonnabe talking about ETLs and I'm Nicole IbrahimI work for G-C partners and I do researchand I do casework and I do coding and I just lovefinding new artifacts. And ETL files have been oneof them that is came up. You know, I was conductingsome searches and all of a sudden, I just […]

Internet of Things (IoT) | What is IoT | How it Works | IoT Explained | Edureka

The Internet of Things or iotis influencing our lifestyle from the way we react to the way we behave.From air conditioners that you can controlwith your smartphone to Smart Cars providingthe shortest route or your Smartwatch which is trackingyour daily activities. IoT is a giant network with connected devices.These devices gather and share data abouthow they are used […]

Top 7 IoT (Internet of Things) Projects | IoT Project Ideas | IoT Training | Edureka

hello mrs. Neal from Eureka and welcome to this interesting session on Internet of Things projects now in this session we'll be talking about the top seven projects which are outstanding themselves in the Internet of Things domain now before we talk about each of these projects let me start off with a simple introduction to what is […]

SK-II: Marriage Market Takeover (Please turn on subtitle)

不是小孩子啦 把自己嫁出去 妳一天不結婚,父親就不死 不要這麼固執 不要任性 可憐天下父母心 漫無目的 挑來挑去的 妳現在已經是剩女了 中文「剩女」這個詞給人的感覺就是剩下來的女人 這個概念給我的感覺就是說好像25 歲以後還不結婚就是剩女了 可能會被別人說,或者被家人催 或者有些社會的壓力吧 所以過年回家是壓力最大的 由於全部的人都會在問妳 妳都多大啦 還沒結婚吶 妳年齡也不小啦 他們覺得在中國這個社會,妳一定要結婚,才是完整的女人 妳還在城外的感覺 以前談對象簡單 你也已經已經結婚了 上海人民公園,相親角 我個人認為我不太喜歡人民廣場的相親角 父母拿了女兒或兒子的介紹然後放在那邊 收入啊 工作是什麼樣子? 有沒有房子? 有沒有車子? 掛著招商啟示給賣出去的那種 中國,中華兒女,就是孝為當先 反正不結婚肯定就是不孝的一種 以前我總認為我的女兒性格好 人也不是長得太漂亮,一般 所以到現在還是剩下來了 渴望真愛 對,我還是很渴望愛情的 趕快把它解決好了,算了吧 妳不要太殘忍了啊 也許想要放棄找個自己喜歡的適合的也挺好 你說,要真正找不到 也是我們老俩口一個心病 可能這方面我比較自私 我想跟他們說對不起! 我希望我這樣的一個狀態能得到父母的認可 這些女兒們,決定參加相親角 但參加的目的,只是要將自己的想法傳達給父母。 「我不想為結婚而結婚那並不會過得快樂」 然後,我就算一個人 就是幸福、快樂、自信的然後好好過 後來想開了,就說我是剩女 那我工作強了現在有女強人這麼一說的話 「直到等到那個對的人」 媽媽永遠支持妳! 對於自己生活這件事,我覺得很開心 然後,很自由我也享受一個人的狀態 我女兒很美 […]

Medina Digital Media – building a successful business and creating positive change

I graduated college with a degree in computer science I learnt about the digital skills program on the internet when I was connecting with some of my friends and I decided to try it out coming from a computer background I thought I already knew what I need to know about the Internet paulus thought that the Internet […]