Din’s Pictures “Memories of Snowman” [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.08]

This is the first nominee. – Let’s watch the video… / – We’re starting now. from Din’s Picture. – We’re looking forward to it. / – I’m nervous. They plagiarized the title. “They plagiarized the title.” (Provided by Din’s Picture) (“Memories of Snowman”) – What was that? / – What’s that? (Is he being chased by a snowman?) […]

LES NEWS DE L’IA #1- Amazon, Deepmind, France is AI, Yoshua bengio, Open AI.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this first episode of the news of the AI. We will go through the news of the week of artificial intelligence together, and all in less than five minutes. Let’s start now ! The first big news is Amazon who are opening a store with 4000 robots in Bretigny-sur-Orge in France. So 4000 […]

Myringotomy & Cohen T-tube insertion for otitis media with effusion

We can see typical retro-tympanic fluid shown in green, and an air bubble (white circle) A linear radial myringotomy is performed in the anterior-inferior quadrant to avoid any ossicle injury. As you can see there is liquid behind the eardrum which is suctioned carefully without inducing sound trauma. The T-tube is inserted using micro-forceps, holding both flanges together […]

What Are the Advantages of Online Radio Advertising?

How does radio advertising work to my advantage? You, as a business owner, have the right to exploit the possibilities to promote your business through advertising. Back then, you used to advertise on local newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Besides, advertising on AM/FM radio stations or television was very popular. Today, those options for advertising are old-fashioned and not […]

Dubain prinsessa Latifan puolesta mielenosoitus | Radio Suomen Päivä

Radio Finland It would be good to end the suffering of millions of women who live all around the world in countries where women’s rights are in their infancy. These are the words today in the heart of Helsinki at the Three Smiths Statue, where there is a demonstration on behalf of Princess Latifa. The event will call […]

BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Drops The Hammer – She’s Doing It

BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Drops The Hammer – She’s Doing It. Supporters of President Donald Trump, including Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro, have had enough of the Democrats’ antics and, she for one, is preparing to take action. The host visited with another Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, on his Wednesday show and said that if the Democrats […]