B2B & B2C Social Media Use By Channel

David Erickson: Social Media Examiner has very smartly for years published an annual basically state of social media report. And that’s their lead magnet. There’s a reason to give up your email address to Social Media Examiner, because you get really good, well-produced, statistically-sound report on what people are doing with social media. So they do that every […]

Der rumänische Reporter Radu zerstört die Fleischnation | extra 3 | NDR

Salut und Buna ziua, ihr Kartoffeln! Es ist Mettwochabend, heute geht’s um die Wurst. Ihr Deutschen, ey, ihr futtert irre viel Fleisch! 60 Kilo pro Kopf im Jahr! Für euch ist Billigfleisch systemrelevant! Warum dachtet ihr, ist Fleisch so billig? Weil ihr so geile Ingenieurs-Koteletts seid? Mit Zaubermaschinen: oben Ferkel rein, unten Wurst raus? Nix Ingenieursarbeit! Sklavenarbeit von […]


Hello every one, welcome to Keplerians News! The first news today is to celebrate the online clothing store that we have opened. If you enter the main page of our youtube channel, you have to click on the store tab. From there you can access a large number of items such as T-shirts, mobile phone cases, socks and […]

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