The Subtle Art of Video Game Videos || From Television, YouTube & Beyond (Documentary) – Part 1

If they could face it I could take it in their eyes Oh I know I’d make it Their tiny minds And sacred cows just fake it If only then and only then They would understand Hello I’m Brian, and welcome to another episode of The Game Anthropologist. I have to say that in between researching the next […]

You Ask, I Answer: Agency Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode Terran asks, what do you what are your company post on company social media? If you work in an agency, do you share client work and updates back behind the scenes and company culture of the agency to appeal to new hires and mix? Both? It’s a good question. It depends. It depends […]


What’s going on everyone? It’s, Abdallah here bringing you guys some good news about COPPA and how it affects YouTube gaming and YouTube in general there has been literally an update from yesterday at the time a recording that has a lot of silver lining and It’s a win in the books for YouTube content creators, like myself […]

TMM TMM (Remix) (Full) MV/Animation – (Social Media Personified/SMP)

Okay, okay About 1,000 men are standing in front of the door (Mmh) Bitch, there is no kiss on the hand (Uh-uh) Only photos plus autograph (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay The customers are always calling me (Wrr) And they drive me out of my mind (Yes) Today it’s snowing a hundred gramm No pressure Okay, okay Pop […]

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