OBI4wan | Webcare and Media Monitoring

From all kinds of on & offline media channels, messages are shared that are relevant to your organization. Whether it is about your own organization, the market or the competition. Social media, reviews, blogs & forums, as well as print and radio/TV are important information sources for both consumers and organizations. Also, customers usually ask questions and share […]

Truth Or Dare || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

YouTubers, click on the bell icon to receive updates and notifications from Wirally. Trust me, I’ve stopped drinking alcohol long back. You’re my only love. Why wouldn’t I quit drinking after you asked me to? Sweety, some jerk is at the door, I’ll call you back in a while. Hello, uncle! You’re looking for someone? – Hi! Aren’t […]

Add Social Media to a Theme || Shopify Help Center 2017

In this video, we will show you how to add your social media accounts into your Shopify theme. From the Admin click Online store. Click Themes. Select the theme you want to edit. Click Customize. Click General settings then click Social media. Add your social media links. Click Save. Your social media accounts will now be added to […]

Twig Science Reporter Season Four Starts September 12 | Twig Science Reporter

Get ready to share the wonder of science with the new season of Twig Science Reporter! A weekly science news service that will ignite your students’ curiosity. Every week, our short videos bring real-world science right into your classroom. Wow your students with the latest news about space, technology, the environment, and much more! Explore incredible scientific phenomena, […]

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