This countdown contains graphic and distressing material some viewers may find disturbing. This compilation is not for the faint-hearted. HelloImAPizza presents… The redux you have all been waiting for… Top 50: scariest public information films (PIFs) Now in high definition for the first time ever! #50 (Charley Says) Strangers – 1973 Charley and I were in the park… […]

How to build a monoband HF Vertical Quarter Wave Ham Radio Antenna

a very good day people there my name is Callum from DX commander callsign M0MCX and building a quarter wave vertical for a mono band is probably one of the simplest things you could achieve so take your coax you know we all know coax has got a center conductor and it’s got braid around the outside so […]

How Trump beats the media ft. Larry O’Connor | #TruthStraightUp

♪ O’Connor: I keep hearing the relationship between the media and President Trump is “the worst we’ve ever seen in history.” And okay, maybe that’s true, but it’s not because the media suddenly found animosity for a conservative president. No, they’ve always hated conservative presidents. Just look at the old videos of Reagan and both Bushes. This is […]

Joule Thief PLUS Crystal Radio Equals ??? (Update available) Superseded

I’ve been doing some experimenting as you can see. What I’ve been experimenting with is this thing. It’s a Joule Thief. You may have heard of them; they are good at extracting the last bit of energy out of a battery. I wondered what the lowest voltage thing I have around the house, see if I can power […]

Essential Information for Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits Hearing

This video is designed to help you understand and prepare for your Unemployment Benefits Hearing. This video, along with the video entitled A Typical Unemployment Benefits Hearing, will give you an idea of what to expect during your hearing, and how you can best prepare for the hearing. As you watch these videos keep in mind that your […]

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