Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

-Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus in a landslide on Saturday and, now, some pundits in the Democratic establishment are panicking about the possibility that he might be the Democratic nominee. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ] [ Cheering and applause ] Bernie has now won the popular vote […]

RADIO LIVE | SF9 Cover REALLY REALLY, SF9(다원,재윤,영빈,인성,주호) – 릴리 릴리 20170524

REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Where are you? At home? If you’re not busy, come out I’m in front of your house Wanna tell you something Don’t know how to say it but It’s nothing weird, no pressure The most beautiful thing in my eyes right now Is you, lady If my feelings for you […]

Trump throws tantrum over question about coronavirus fears: ‘You’re a terrible reporter’

Millions of units are ordered and we’re going to see what happens. We’re going to be talking to the governors about it. And the FDA is working on it right now. The advantage is that it has been prescribed for a totally different problem, but it has been described for many years and everybody knows the levels of […]

#HappyAtHome, Group Clap and COVID Cakes – Today’s Biggest News

G’day. It’s Nat. Let’s take a look at what’s been making news. Are you stuck at home right now because of COVID-19? Well, you’re not alone, and TikTok can back that up. ..have been shared on the platform literally billions of times as people turn to the internet to stay connected, lift up each other’s spirits and be: […]

Swedish Reporter Totally Shames Himself During Donald Trumps Inauguration

Hello We’re back on the outside of the cordons surrounding the Capitol And here’s mostly Trump supporters standing outside An hour ago there was instead Black Lives Matter Which haid chained themselves here Now the Trump Supporters are back What’s your name? Erica What’s the purpose of you coming here? To support Donald Trump Why do you think […]

Protect Your Health and Wealth – Robert Kiyosaki [Rich Dad Radio Show]

This is the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad news about money. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. Hello. Hello. Hello. It’s Robert Kiyosaki rich dad radio show, broadcasting from beautiful Scottsdale, old town Scottsdale, Arizona. And our program’s about the good news and bad news about the coronavirus. And as you guys know, unless you live on […]

‘Not racist at all’: Donald Trump defends calling coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’

Why do you keep calling this the ‘Chinese virus’? There are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese-Americans in this country. You’re own aid, secretary Azar says he does not use this term because ethnicity does not cause the virus. Why do you keep using this? – A lot of people say it’s racist. – Because […]

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