CAREERS IN DIGITAL MEDIA – Bachelor Degree,Certification Course,NIIT,DMI,Web Analytics,Jobs

hello all this is devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in DIGITAL MEDIA With advent of technology and advancement of information dissemination, the world of news and entertainment now is powered by the web. The career option in Digital Media is a new […]

WOW! MatPat’s $1.7 Million Defy Media Bombshell, BuzzFeed Mass Layoffs, Venezuela, & Trump v Pelosi

Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday Welcome back to the Philip Defranco show and a quick note before we get started This morning if you didn’t see, we posted a brand new morning deep dive I saw some of you say you didn’t get your notification, they didn’t show up in your subscription so […]

Would Yahoo Buying Tumblr for $1B Make It Cool?

(Image source: AllThingsD) BY MIKAH SARGENT How much would you pay to be cool? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? How about $1 billion? According to AdWeek which spoke to sources familiar with the deal, Yahoo is in talks to acquire or partner with Tumblr — and the acquisition/investment could hit $1 billion. You heard that right — […]

Google Summer of Code 2019, Firebase Realtime Database, & Cloud Security

[MUSIC PLAYING] JEN PERSON: Hello. I’m Jen Person for “The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update on the coolest developer news from Google. We recently launched the Security in GCP Specialization, our latest on-demand training course. It introduces you to Google’s approach to security in the cloud, and how to deploy and manage components of a secured […]

Yahoo! Releases First Transparency Report

(image source: Yahoo!) BY EVAN THOMAS Yahoo! has joined the disclosure movement — Friday the company published a list of government data requests through the first half of 2013. Total requests covered less than .01 percent of global Yahoo! users. It’s worth noting Tumblr is not included — Yahoo! says the blog platform will issue its own report […]

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