Border line: a journey through the Irish heart of the Brexit crisis

So, is this the border? – This is the border. So, this is which … that’s the UK and that’s Ireland? No, other way round. This is the UK … – That’s Ireland. This is Ireland. I invite them to try imposing passport checks here really, you know, let them try. This is border country, the dividing line […]

New Zealand volcano: families, first responders and PM react after eruption

The scale of this tragedy is devastating. Police and Defence Force personnel have undertaken a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption. However, no signs of life have been detected. We’re standing strong, standing together, holding the fort together. And like I said, in prayer with faith. We’re just staying strong for one another […]

2019.12.13 12:00 NEWS Headline

The world’s two largest economies have reached a phase one trade deal Amid heightened Washington the US says it hopes North Korea will refrain from further nuclear and long-range missile tests while warning the north against any Ill-advised actions following months of political deadlock over Britain’s departure from the European Union Voting has ended in the UK snap […]

Syria, Tunisia, North Korea, Trump… 5 headlines of the week #4

Hey guys its Hugo, and today we’re gonna talk about Donald Trump, Tunisia, North Korea, Syria, and Emmanuel Macron. The first headline of the week is about the release and consequences of a book on Donald Trump The book “Fire and Fury’ was published on the 5th of January, and across the world everyone has been talking about […]

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