Huge Majora’s Mask Time Save, Mario Odyssey Blind (RUSH Speedrun News #43)

Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen to RUSH news! I am your host, Shiva Borger, bringing you the best news. Play some explosion or something, I think that’s what the kids like. [explosion sounds] First topic of the day is about Spyro, and if you think one world record today isn’t good enough, Jumpyluff thought much the same. […]

GTN Vs Ironman Lanzarote | Can We Break The Course Record?

(serene music) – I haven’t done a swim session, per say, for a couple of months, and the last time I vaguely did anything like swimming was over a month ago. (serene music) – Yeah, that really nice bike that I’ve been given, I’ve never ridden it before. (serene music) – I don’t think I’ve ever actually run […]

STRONG MAN WORLD RECORDS Part 2 *Breaking Ice Blocks w/ HEAD!*

cops are probably gonna get called on us what is up everyone welcome back to the channel in the first episode of world record Wednesdays for 2020 my man JD Anderson aka the Iceman is back thanks for having me back two years and I’m making almost two years since the last video we did together absolutely I […]

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