BREAKING! French President Macron During His Visit to Poland: Europe Needs a Dialogue With Russia!

Europe needs a dialogue with Russia. And cooperation with Moscow in various fields, including Ukraine, has already shown its effectiveness. This was stated by French President Macron at a meeting with his colleague from Poland. He also said that he would like to negotiate with Russia and the United States on arms control. France has not become pro-Russian, […]

Playing JENGA with Friends vs MOM || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. I’ve been away for 2 days and the home is already a mess. Are they still kids to play games? What’s this? What are these? Jahnu.. – Yes, mom? What’s this? – This is Jenga. – What! I invited my friends […]

Game of Polls – feat. Julian Assange [RAP NEWS 20]

Welcome to Juice Rap News, our twentieth edition And we’d like to thank you on this special occasion for the views, likes and comments since commencing transmission But enough celebration, we have a topic for your attention: There’s a TV show that’s now an international sensation people tune in each season with avid obsession It rules the planet […]

Unboxing: KIDS LOCATOR 4G GPS zegarek z lokalizacją MT864 Media-Tech

Hi! In this video we will do unboxing, i.e. unpacking children’s watch with a GPS locator The colorful touch screen on this watch allows easy operation location via GPS mobile telephony station and WI-FI tracking the position of a child (or an elderly person) using the map on your smartphone We have Bluetooth in this watch and what […]

Hey! Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Feud with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly

-On Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an appearance on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and ended the interview early after the following exchange. -I have defended every State Department official. We’ve built a great team. -Sir, respectfully, where have you defended Marie Yovanovitch? -I’ve defended every single person on this team. I’ve done what’s right for every […]

The Late NightCap: Trump Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Being Impeached

-Chrissy Teigen tweets about it. My wife, who follows everything she says, texts me and says, “Did you just fart on national TV?” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -This is all about how horny I am. -No. -You will wait. [ Laughter ] Come on! Pick it up! -We’re in deep [bleep] right now. -It’s […]

Case Study: Rapt Media – Digital Marketing Research & Lead Generation

Rapt Media, a leader in interactive video technology, was dealing with a common challenge most sales teams face — finding and pursuing high-quality leads. Without a steady stream of leads filling their sales pipeline, customer acquisition and revenue goals would be tough to meet. Their mission for Room 214: generate high quality leads and help sales run like […]

Trump Confesses Amid Senate Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

-As House managers in the Senate impeachment trial seek to prove that the President Is a criminal who’s unfit for office, the President is providing more evidence that he’s a criminal who’s unfit for office. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] You might recall that earlier this week, after […]