All Hell Breaks Loose As Reporter Hammers Sarah Sanders And Questions Trump’s Credibility

to usher reporters out of the room, you’re saying it’s the reverse.>>It’s the first thing the president said after the question was asked was thank you very much. And then he said no, I’m not answering in more questions. And even further, I think even Cecelia didn’t realize what the answer was because she asked a follow-up. Because […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cuts Off Reporter Who Asks If Trump Is Above The Law

very comfortable in that front.>>You just a moment ago said it is not that clear. I guess simply put, does the president believe he is above the law?>>Certainly no one is above the law.>>Let me ask a different one.>>Sorry, I’m –>>I just want to ask you an important one. If I can.>>You can’t actually.>>I’d like to, Sarah. I […]

White House Press Briefing – August 1, 2018 | NBC News

it's like the cue you knew I was coming good afternoon later today at 1:35 p.m. Hawaii time Vice President Mike Pence at the request of President Trump will participate in an honorable carry ceremony at Joint Base pearl harbor the leader of North Korea has followed through on his commitment to return the first set of remains […]