BREAKING: Wuhan Government Official takes 3M masks from Wuhan Red Cross despite lack of resources

1 February, Hubei, Wuhan At about 2:30p.m. near Wuhan International Expo, which is currently being leased to the Wuhan Red Cross as a storage facility A man takes a box of 3M masks from the site. The masks were then put into the trunk of a Nissan with the license plate A0260W Reporter: Where are you from? Man: […]

Victoria by Beowulf Blockchain featured on Vietnam National Television – VTV1

The International Health Informatics Conference was recently held the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, shedding light on the current findings and proposing potential approach towards the future construction of smart hospitals in the country. Following the digital world is the dynamic shift in the medical field, which has optimized healthcare services both in terms of […]

How NeckTITE, FaceTITE & BodyTITE Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Works

Here we’re looking at the animation of your skin. The skin is above, and now we’re beneath the skin in the fat area. You can see the many arteries and veins and the septi that hold the entire tissue structure together. The special RF device has a probe that slides along the surface of the skin above and […]