Dimash – Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance Reaction | Dragon Television Spring Festival Gala

Hi everyone, it’s me and this is: Dimash at Dragon Television Spring Festival Gala | Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance Reaction Dimash looks like a king here Admission is great What surprises me is he is singing here in Chinese I don’t know this person but I have to say that he has quite an interesting voice What […]

Friends: Chandler’s Blind Date with Janice (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

How do I look? Oh, um…I don’t care. There’s Lorraine. Okay, now remember, no trading. You get the pretty one, I get the mess. – Hi, Joey. – Hey. Well, well. Look what you brought. Very nice. And what did you bring? She’s checking her coat. Joey, I’m going to go wash the cab smell off my hands […]

Life of a Village and City Couple || Narikootam || Tamada Media

(Random talks among them) Kandasamy bro? Dude, Silku! Hey, Can you be able to donate for the festival celebration? You carry on bro! I am behind you since a long time! Hey! Let me make it straight! Will you marry me? you should talk to my dad about this! Ya, but what’s your decision? you should talk to […]

Mythic Quest – Builder of Worlds – Apple TV+

(bird screeches) MAN: Kingdoms will fall. ## -(screeching) -Heroes will rise. And a great warrior shall emerge… armed only with his courage and his weapon of war. -Ah! Poppy! Come on! -(bell rings) You gotta keep the wing level, otherwise its gonna look fake! I’m not an animatronic expert, Ian. I’m a game programmer. I shouldn’t be doing […]

Seniors vs Juniors || School Diaries Ep 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

‘Link in description to watch Kailasapuram exclusively on Zee5.’ Hell with these kiddos! – We’re deadmeat. – What is the matter? Cut it, girl, you know nothing. – I’m nervous. We can’t help it, can we? Yes? – Sir, you know what these two were upto? What did they do? – They were ragging us, sir. – Cut […]

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