Aaha Na Birthday Anta | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Wait! Wait! Wait! “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!” Cheers bro! Cheers! Cheers! – Happy New Year! – Happy New Year, bro! Jaiyetri, Happy New Year. – Where’s Jaiyetri? – Over there. What’s wrong? – Shoban, it’s New Year’s Day. Yeah, just like any other year. – But not for me, I’ll have my b’day this […]

My GirlFriend || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘Hello, all. This video is totally fictional. I hope you all watch without questioning the practicality.’ Greetings! Mobile apps don’t need any introduction. We’ve gaming apps, dating apps and many more apps. Every year, our institute rewards the best app developers. This year, the best app developer award goes to Nikhil. How many times do I tell you […]

Veeditho Kashtam || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Will she be here on time? Am I on time? – It’s exactly 11:22. Very good. – Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey! Right leg first. “Praying.” Excuse me! Shall we order something? Yeah. – Good afternoon, sir. Your order, sir? One chicken alfredo pasta & one chicken spaghetti. – Did you forget that today is Friday? How can […]

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