Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial – Day Three | The Daily Show

Today was the third day of the impeachment trial of Donald Jemimah Trump. And Democrats continue to lay out a meticulous case that Trump abused his power and is now trying to cover it up. They’ve given floor speeches. They’ve shown video evidence. They even brought out the Constitution and had it tell everyone where Trump touched it. […]


We are in Kampen, one of three beautiful historic Hanseatic cities in the ‘IJsseldelta’, because soon the biggest Easter event of the Netherlands will be organized here: ‘Sail Kampen’. Major, what’s so special about ‘Sail Kampen’? When you have the most beautiful…. How did that happ… this is not going well…. This way! Try!

Delfinarium Zoo Duisburg: WILDFÄNGE und LEBENSERWARTUNG von Delfinen |

Hello, today we visit the dolphins. Kerstin Ternes (veterinarian curator for marine mammals @ Duisburg zoo): Some people claim zoos woudn’t be independent from wild captures. In the matter of Duisburg zoo we can say: the last dolphin captured for the zoo was Lucy 35 years ago. There are just two animals, who weren’t born here: Ivo & […]

The Future of Water

What we think of as normal and what we planned for as normal and the infrastructure that we built to deal with normal isn’t normal anymore. Normal is gone. New water restrictions have been imposed in Cape Town, South Africa. In India, rising temperatures threaten to make a severe water crisis there even worse. The greatest global risks […]

Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect

Tyler: This is the second story bounce pad. YEAH! Man water bottle flips are dead. We’re done. Never happening again. And then you do something like that and you’re like: LET’S GO! ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect. (MUSIC PLAYING) Coby: You might be thinking,” you’re playing soccer and baseball?” Huh. I’m bottle flippin’. *thunk* *winks* (highnote) HAHA! *in the background* […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll What you REALLY fund when you buy bottled water from charity Thankyou

A charity which claims to give all of its profits to ‘ending poverty’ keeps millions in the bank while spending big on staff wages and entertainment  The social enterprise Thankyou, set up in Melbourne in 2008, sells bottled water, personal care and baby care products at premium prices to raise money for charity  It is owned by Thankyou Charitable […]

IMPACT: Community Media Helped People Access Water Supply

We are facing drinking water problems. If there is water, we can do other work also. We don’t get drinking water. The hand pump has gone dry here. Since how long have you been having this problem? Four years. In this udaipur district, Pahari Block of Mohanpur village, four hundred people staying in Musahar basti along with Dhanpatti […]

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