Aurora Aksnes on local news at Palmesus Festival 2016.7.1

The Palmesus festival is now well under way. 30,000 tickets have been sold and Aurora started the show. Several Norwegian and international acts will be on stage tonight and tomorrow One of the biggest Norwegian headliners is Aurora from Bergen who drew a large crowd on the beach in Kristiansand today. And reporter Hans Erik Weiby, you’re at […]

Breaking My Silence: Amplifying Our Voices as “Others” | Neal Hovelmeier || Radcliffe Institute

– Thank you very much. I’ve been in America for now two and a half months, and I’ve never met such friendly and hospitable people. So thank you very much for making an outsider so welcome in your country. I’d especially like to thank David Gus, my friend and writer, the committee of the Scholars at Risk Program […]

A Mother, A Dingo, and an Australian Media Frenzy | Retro Report

It began in August 1980, when baby Azaria disappeared from an Ayer’s Rock campsite never to be found. Her parents blamed a dingo, the police charged her parents, and Australia stood divided. Publicly, all over the world, we’ve been acclaimed as murderers and had that thrust in our face. Next week the film version will be released to […]

Land Rover Discovery – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car engine rumbles) (people cheering) – Oi, mate, you like discos? No not the kind of jolly venture bold time big olde staying alive, I’m talking the river crawling, terrane hauling, urban squawling kind of disco. This tall boy won the most grueling off-road competition eight years in a row. Made Land Rover a household name across the […]

The Reality of Social Media Arguments

(crowd chattering) – Enough! Guys, no one is actually saying anything. (smooth bass music) You’re just mumbling loudly. Why are we pretending to talk? Karen I watched your mouth move for a good five seconds. No real, normal words came out of there. Joey, you were aggressively nodding in disagreement with Sarah, though she clearly was not saying […]

Candice Millard on James Garfield

>>John Haskell: Welcome everyone. I’m John Haskell, the director of The Kluge Center here at the Library of Congress. In the words of our charter at the Center, the Center was created quote, to reinvigorate the inner connection between thought and action through conversations and meetings with members of Congress, their staffs and the broader policymaking community in […]

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