Demi Lovato Looked to Justin Bieber for Inspiration During Her Recent Struggles

[APPLAUSE] How blessed are we to be able to do stuff like this? I know, this is so cool. And they cheer for forever. I don’t even know when to stop. I’m like, “Yeah.” It’s like, “All right, all right, all right. I like it.” I like it a lot. It’s like they’re too kind. It’s like– I […]

‘The Way Back’ Star Janina Gavankar on Co-Star Ben Affleck & “Magical Realism” | In Studio

– I’m Janina Gavankar and you are watching Instudio with The Hollywood Reporter. (dramatic music) – Okay. So, let’s start with “The Way Back.” which is really seen in theaters today. – Wow. Okay. (laughs) That’s wild. Yeah. – Has it been a while? Have you been waiting for the theatrical release? – Yeah. We started shooting this […]

Joker 2? How Joaquin Phoenix is Pushing for a Sequel! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Is a “Joker” sequel in the works? Maybe, if Joaquin Phoenix gets his way. It is not a joke to say that “Joker” is the most successful rated-R film of all time, and with the film inching closer and closer to the coveted one-billion-dollar mark, ideas are swirling on how to keep this cash train rolling. While […]

HARRY POTTER WIZARDS UNITE MEDIA EVENT, Interviews, Gameplay, Reactions | Wizarding World Hollywood

we're heading to Hollywood Universal Studios Hollywood for the Wizards unites event big thank you to Warner Brothers for flying me out there for this event I'm excited to share with all of you and to play the game and see all that it has to offer now it's time to apparate to the airport I haven't seen […]