LIFE Before SOCIAL MEDIA – Then vs Now ..| #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

did we come live?? yes We’ve got so many wedding invitations so we thought to brought for you an amazing vlog so let me tell you today we’ve wore designer outfits I am just gonna to show you the whole outfits I’ll upload pictures on Instagram….. but Madam we can see your whole outfits Is this LIVE…. yes […]

Meet the McClure Twins Family: What It’s Like to Raise Social Media Stars | WSJ

– It’s not that we want to make the video funny, it’s because that’s what we are! – [Julie] (laughs) You’re just– – That’s what we do. – [Julie] It is, in fact, what these two do. Meet Ava and Alexis, they’re five-year-old identical twins. They’re also YouTube celebrities, and this is the rest of the McClure Family. […]

#AskGaryVee Episode 191: Influencer Marketing, How to Go Viral & Vlogging

– Op deze episode,India Ik krijg een ton en dan bedoel ik eenton van de bezoekers. (Energieke hip hop muziek) – [Gary] U vragen stellen, en ik beantwoord ze. Dit is de #AskGaryVee voorstelling. – Hallo allemaal, dit isGary Vay-ner-chuk en Dit is aflevering 191van de #AskGaryVee voorstelling. Het is geladen op de show vandaag. Een hele hoop […]