Infodemic: Coronavirus and the fake news pandemic

VOICE OVER: As the COVID-19 epidemic sweeps across the world, it’s been accompanied by a tsunami of misinformation. “Drink lemon and bicarbonate. Oh my god…” “Salt water, chloroquine.” “Hold your breath over ten seconds to check if your lung is healthy.” “If you keep sipping hot water, that washes it down to your stomach.” VOICE OVER: At a […]


Hello every one, welcome to Keplerians News! The first news today is to celebrate the online clothing store that we have opened. If you enter the main page of our youtube channel, you have to click on the store tab. From there you can access a large number of items such as T-shirts, mobile phone cases, socks and […]

Best Of WWE Superstars ? Best of: Ridiculousness

– Welcome to Ridiculousness. I’m Rob Dyrdek. With me as always, Steelo Brim, Chanel West Coast. (audience cheering) Our guest today is a WWE superstar. She is the current Smackdown Women’s Champion. Welcome Becky Lynch. (audience applauding) – Welcome. – Thank you. – Hi. (audience cheering) – Man, do you take it everywhere you go? – Everywhere I […]


Hello every one! Welcome to Keplerians news Today’s first news is a little sad. As you already know, there is a virus infecting the whole world. In the place where we live, measures have been taken to curb the contagion. This is why the Keplerians team is separated and working from our homes. We are all healthy, no […]

Jimmy Responds to Viral Reaction to His RuPaul Interview

-Guys, RuPaul was on our show last week. We had a great time. [ Cheers and applause ] Did a great job hosting “Saturday Night Live” too. But some people say I looked a little nervous at one point during the interview. -Really? [ Laughter ] On Twitter, the user @issa6foot3 even uploaded a clip of themselves watching […]

LIFE Before SOCIAL MEDIA – Then vs Now ..| #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

did we come live?? yes We’ve got so many wedding invitations so we thought to brought for you an amazing vlog so let me tell you today we’ve wore designer outfits I am just gonna to show you the whole outfits I’ll upload pictures on Instagram….. but Madam we can see your whole outfits Is this LIVE…. yes […]

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