Social Media IRL

– Hmm-ah. Hmm-eh. mmm eh. (indecipherable mumbles) Robbie Hood. Robin Hobb. Sorry not Robin Hood. She sorta–It was actually the flyship traders Julia which is– – How was your weekend so far? – Yeah, I love the weekend. – Have you ever wondered what social media apps or websites would be like in real life? Oh, look. Here […]

City Lo Sankranthi Ft. Allu Sirish || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Yes, father-in-law? – Since you aren’t visiting us for Sankranti Harika is coming to visit you. – What? How is she coming? The housekeeper is bringing her there. Take care, son-in-law. Man, this is heavy! – Bro, go open the door. You are closer to the door. – Come on, open the door. Bae? – I’m your bae? […]

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