Behind the Game: Broadcast Television Videography at Humber

(background chatter) DAN MCPHEE: …break up into various departments. People that are going to go upstairs, when it comes time to take your little break we’ll show you that part of the building and we’ll leave the call sheet there. All right? MCPHEE: (indiscernible) KELLY PARKE: One and two with me. MCPHEE: You come with me. PARKE: (indiscernible) […]

Cineluxe Media – Helping Businesses Grow Using Video As A Gateway To Something Greater!

I want you to imagine having a virtual salesman working for your business 24 hours a day! Hi my name is Matt Hutchinson and I’m the founder of Cineluxe Media a lot of people ask me why video? Well… I want to introduce you to the most powerful business tool on the planet! If you are not using […]

Why use Video Marketing: Waterbridge Media

Hi, I’m Brian, president of Waterbridge Creative Media. You’ve probably noticed that video is quickly taking over the internet. Well, here at Waterbridge, we’ve noticed too. And we could easily prove it to you by hitting you over the head [kisses baby’s head] as … and because you’re a tech savvy marketing manager, we certainly don’t need to […]

The Air Canada Fleet – 2019 and Beyond

Hello everyone, my name is Alex, and today,I’d like to talk about the fleet of one of North America’s largest airlines. Air Canada was founded in 1937 as Trans-CanadaAir Lines, and has since grown to serve over 200 destinations on 6 continents. Canada’s flag carrier and its subsidiariescollectively operate well over 300 aircraft, and I thought that this […]

Counterfeit Culture Moscow: Inside the Russian Fashion Black Market

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