3 Ways Black Holes Could Break Physics

What do you think would happen if a black hole swallowed the Earth? Your house is gone. Your puppy’s gone. Your mom’s lasagna recipe–just gone, behind the horizon of the black hole. If that weren’t bad enough, then radiation leaves the event horizon of the black hole, stealing the black hole’s mass and shrinking it until–poof–it’s gone. So, […]

How Was Video Invented?

[Click] [High-pitched CRT TV noise] Film is a very straightforward technology. It just involves taking a two-dimensional image, and focusing it on to a two-dimensional piece of film, and there you have a photo. But video, and by that, I mean moving electronic images, has a very different history with a lot of changes that have really transformed […]

What is NOT Random?

– What will happen tomorrow is not random. In other words, it’s at least somewhat predictable. I mean, not entirely to be sure, but some things will happen for certain, and other things definitely won’t. For example, the sun will rise, water will still freeze at zero degrees celsius, – and you won’t become Michael Stevens. – We […]

How Much Information?

Have you ever noticed that people speaking Spanish sound like they’re talking really fast? Does this mean they are able to communicate information faster than English speakers? One reason why Spanish sounds so fast is because more syllables are spoken per minute than in English. However analysis has shown that each Spanish syllable contains less information than each […]

Anti Social Media

I am Anti Social Media Perhaps that shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering I made a video saying we should all be bored more often and also because a lot of people areanti social media these days it's kind of a fashionable opinion but I think the reason I am anti social media is different from […]