What would that be like? I’m not sure… if I exactly… understand the question. I don’t think I completely understand the question, “What do you think about companionship?” We’re going on a new tour? I’ll try to enjoy it. Since we first started this tour, the scale of it has gotten so big.

Navi 900 IntelliLink | Music and Radio | That’s How It Works!

Whether you like classic, rock or pop, it’s up to you. With the audio function of your infotainment system, you can listen to your favourite music on the radio or play it from your mobile device. Learn how to search for radio stations and how to add them to your favorites. Play music from your Bluetooth-connected smartphone … […]

LIVE ENGLISH Lesson – 21st January 2018 – Trump! – Smacking Children – Newspapers – Words & Grammar

Having your own opinion isn’t all that bad even though the things you think and say might make others get quite mad some people might get angry at the things you say they just don’t see the things you care for in the same way but even if you disagree let me put your mind at rest to […]

The Sequence of End Times Events Hidden in Plain Sight – BIBLE Chronology by Steve Cioccolanti

endtime sequence in plain sight have you heard of this expression missing the forest for the trees come on yes tell me that you're listening yeah all right missing for the force for the missing the forest for the trees what does it mean well in our context it means that some prophecy teachers focus on the micro […]