Brendan McLaughlin – TV News Anchor/Reporter on Quitting Job, State of the Media, Traveling

hey everyone I’m ex TV producer Jennifer Moore and I’m very excited because in this episode we actually have a real guest with me right now is longtime Tampa TV newsman Brendan McLaughlin thank you so much for being here today it’s my pleasure Jennifer it was great working with you as briefly as we did but it’s […]

Editor Sidney M. Katz on his first job at RKO Radio Pictures –

I was in New York for about I think about 10 years and then that was the time of the stock collapse and the Great Depression and and my father died so my mother moved the family which was my brother and I out to California and we had a couple of uncles who were in the film […]

‘It’s All Your Fault’ Ep. 13 Preview | Power: The Final Episodes | STARZ

Sorry to come unannounced. Where the fuck is Benny? I don’t know anyone named Tommy. You think people in the hood don’t talk? The truth was a lot more complicated than I thought. He ruined all of our lives. He’s a fucking liar. You lied to yourself. I got some custom-made handcuffs for you.

TV AD | Barclays LifeSkills | How to use your hobbies on social media to get a job

Social media kind of shows the real you It kind of acts as a virtual CV In your about page you can write as much as you want I personally put pictures of my running events.. well I get tagged in them more than anything So I post things that really mean a lot to me, so my […]

Why RuPaul & Michael Patrick Chose Netflix for ‘AJ and the Queen’ | In Studio

– I’m Michael Patrick King. – And I am RuPaul Charles. And we are in studio with the Hollywood Reporter. (groovy music) – We’re here to talk about AJ and the Queen. – We like to go anywhere and talk about AJ and the Queen. – Yeah. – We’re so in love with them. – Yes, and you […]

‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks Reunion With Hannah Brown & Unexpected Ending | In Studio

– Do you remember the names of the eight women that you eliminated? – Yeah. (laughs) – Bring it on, let’s hear it. – Oh, you wanna know? – Yeah, I want to know. – Yeah, uh. – [Laela] I’m gonna get my pen out to mark them off. Okay, so, oh shit. Hey, it’s Peter Weber and […]

Matte artist Harrison Ellenshaw on the 1st time he saw television –

yes I remember the first time I saw television because we were quite a quite ahead of the rest of the neighborhood we had the first television on our street in England and this was early 1953 and there was pretty exciting for a you know seven-year-old to have a television so the other kids that come over […]

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