How to familiarize color Television PCB & Repair

In this video i have introduced PCB of color TV w.r.t chassis number introduction to PCB of color TV like R612 use of more wattage resistor Introduction to multi function /Jangle IC Audio drive,chroma & AGC and many more How to familiarize color TV PCB & Repair subscribe my channel subscribe my channel subscribe my channel different sections […]

Mindy Kaling Reveals Television Academy Tried to Remove Her ‘Office’ Producing Credit | THR News

– Don’t worry, Kelly will be training you first. – Kelly’s training us? – ♪ This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪ ♪ This day is bananas, B-A-N ♪ (gentle music) – [Neha] Mindy Kaling is calling out the Television Academy for trying to strip her producing credit title for her work on The Office. Speaking with Elle Magazine […]

[PJC2 Entry] Michael’s Poetic Television Repertoire

Rhymes can rhyme. no dip, sherlock Ideas can stick together. Of course, poems don’t have to rhyme, but that’s what we’re gonna think about. “I go out and shout” is a shush route for a short doubt. ‘Bout rhymes count, stretch out over a lout, gout, pout, mout, stout, and about. Rhyming poems have to be serious, or […]

‘South Park’ Removed From Chinese Internet After Critical Episode | THR News

– I want to get away from that farm more than anything, but it’s not worth living in a world where China controls my country’s art. – (speaking Chinese) – I don’t care how many people you have. (light music) – South Park has been scrubbed from the Chinese internet after an episode of the Comedy Central show […]

BA (Hons) Film and Television Production at the University of Wolverhampton

I chose this course in particular because it was a highly practically based course. And I loved every second of that. I knew if I came here I would get so much staff support. And I did. Film and Television Production is clearly all about the making and producing a film and television products, but alongside of that […]

Television Producer Career Information : Television Producer Job Description

Hi, my name is Michael Orkin and I am a television producer. What is a television producer? A television producer is anyone who gets an idea for putting something together, shoots, or has someone shoot that idea, takes that video or film, and edits it into a something compelling enough to put on television or cable or cable […]

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