Papierowa wiklina, ozdoby świąteczne – DOMEK-SZOPKA – jak zrobić

Christmas crib made of paper wicker A crib in the shape of a house to put under the Christmas tree … … or hang in the window. Nativity Scene is a braided picture with the Holy Family To perform you need: image printed on an inkjet printer. Link to the pictures in the movie description Compact cardboard tubes […]

NC Newspaper Locator – Quick Research Tips!

Newspapers are important resources for genealogy and history researchers. Unfortunately, not all issues of all newspapers printed in North Carolina throughout history have survived. North Carolina Newspaper Locator will help you narrow your search to newspapers held at the State Library of North Carolina’s Government & Heritage Library that have been microfilmed for different towns and years across […]

Breaking AES with ChipWhisperer – Piece of scake (Side Channel Analysis 100)

In this video we are going to recover a private crypto key inside the arduino just by observing it’s power consumption. We are going to perform a differential power analysis attack on an AES implementation. In the previous video we have introduced what power analysis is, and how you can prepare the arduino board to do those measurements. […]

Αναπαλαίωση σε Φαναράκι! Mixed Media Vintage Antique Lantern! ArteDiDeco [CC]

Transforming into an old lantern …! We clean it well …. Clay and molds … Aluminum foil and clay … I’m sticking with wood glue … Glue, what I want … and let them dry well A little wood glue + beige + brown acrylic paint + water … Stencil … when dry I spread out a diluted […]

CM – Part 2 – Colour Managing Imported Media – Flame 2017×1

Hey everyone, Grant Kay for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 of Active Colour Management in Flame 2017 Extension 1Ö. We discussed the core concepts of the new Colour Management in Flame. So all clips are tagged with a colour spaceÖ And the Colour Policies define how we work with colour in a project. We also looked […]

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