Welcome to its a crime I’m Linda and today we’re going to be talking about the terrible heartbreaking news of little baby Evelyn Mae Boswell last night in a press conference authorities have announced that they believe they found the remains of little baby Evelyn so let’s take a moment to honor Evelyn she had a full life […]

Can You Tell Which Crime Headlines Are Fake? Feat. Yeardley Smith

hello and welcome to two crimes and a lie the show where we test the true crime knowledge of two true crime aficionados my name is Kevin and our guests today you may recognize from the unsolved episode the haunting of Hannah Williams please welcome Hannah Williams hello is your house still haunted our house is no longer […]

Lucky Moose: How a headline-grabbing plant theft in Toronto changed Canada’s citizen’s arrest laws

– [Peter K] There was this sort of career petty thief,in Chinatown named Anthony Bennett.– He was considered a specialist.He only stole plants.and anything expensive, he put iton top of the bike and then he just, just go. – If we had tried to stop him or keep him until the police came,we would be in trouble for […]

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