Diy – Χριστουγεννιάτικος Άγγελος Mix Media – Craft by Debi

Hi, I’m Debbie and welcome to my channel As always, all products can be found below the video in the description and today we will make a christmas angel An decorations for Christmas very easy and fast Let’s get started, we’ll need an angel from MDF Stencil of OPA and a Christmas-themed stencil in which I will use […]

Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

– Pinterest is a place that people go to discover, to be inspired. And if you’re the type of photographer that creates inspiring images, well, then it’s kind of where you need to be. A lot of people think that Pinterest is only for mommy bloggers and DIY craft experts. However, it’s incredibly misunderstood. 250 million people use […]

Mixed Media Pendant polymer clay Fimo Tutorial aquarell technik техника акварель полимерная глина

materials are in the description Take these colors and make with the help of Acrylroller or Pastamschine a gradient/skinner blend then pass black polymer clay through the pasta machine, thickness approx. 1 mm, then cover with gold leaf we put the gradient on it, let it through the pasta machine or roll it out with the acrylic roller, […]

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