*67 Radio | Ep. 1 Better | its.ya.ladi

[intro music plays] Welcome to *67 Radio. (Laughter) I’m with its.ya.laddie. (Ah fuck) ladi: I’m its.ya.laddie and I’m with… 67:(whispers) *67 laddie:*67 tonight. laddie: That was your queue to just say your name. 67:(laughter) laddie: Into the mic that right in front of you! 67: Ah. what is this thing? laddie: Oh! That’s a… That’s actually from a… […]


Phone ringing Phone ringing the person you have called is currently unavailable phone ringing did you get him ? our group has a speciality, no one will pickup the call yes, no one has the responsibility including you what ? that’s correct TS what are you doing ? Valsan, enjoying the new year ? yeah going to enjoy […]

Radio Commander Teaser

(Don’t forget to turn on the soud!) Bird One, this is Papa Bear move to LZ. Over. Papa Bear, this is Bird One, moving into position. Out. This is Alpha! We’re pinned down! We need support! Over! Alpha, what’s the enemy position? Over. We’re not sure! Requesting danger-close artillery support, on our position. Over! Alpha platoon, are you […]

Code of Conduct Outlined for Social Media giants | Digital Safeguarding in 60 (Live From BETT)

Hello! We are live from #BETT 2020. Here in London for this week’s Digital Safeguarding in 60. Here are some of the current issues we’ve been discussing with educational professionals in the UK Welcome to this week’s Digital Safeguarding in 60. I’m Susie and I’m Brad and here’s your roundup of the top digital safeguarding stories this week. […]

Pulihora Raja 03 Ft. Satyabhama Ft .Bandi Star || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Hey, new joinee! Are you liking this office? – It is nice and all. But, why are girls here so quite? They aren’t even lifting their heads. Is it so strict here? – Strict, my foot. An idiot called Pakkinti Kurradu will be here. All these girls fear him as he is a big time flirt. Is it? […]

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