BREAKING! Putin Decides To Tax Rich Russians And Their Offshore Companies!

Finally, there are two more measures I would like to suggest. Allow me to elaborate. First, all interest and dividend income that flows from Russia and is transferred abroad into offshore jurisdictions must be taxed properly. Today, two-thirds of these funds, and basically we are talking here about incomes of specific individuals, are taxed at the rate of […]

Дополнение Coast to Coast Radio для Cities: Skylines

Hello everyone, this video is possible look in the background. This is a review of the new add-on. Coast to Coast Radio for Cities: Skylines. This is a radio station and what about it’s superfluous to speak here. Musical compositions really worthy here and allow you to dive without distracting the game. It was probably easier to write […]

Break the ice in your Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings with Snapchat Snap Camera

(cheerful guitar music) Okay, are you ready for this? I’ve already been sharing different backgrounds. Resume in Teams meetings for a bit here. And a great way to break the ice, get people engaged in meetings, especially when everyone’s stressed from working from home. But stumbled across this the other day. If you ever use Snapchat, they actually […]

Sal Vulcano Gives an Art Lesson – Smoke Break – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

– [Dan] What’s up dude? Yeah, sure dude. Op, gotta flip it around, take a picture of them. – I think you’re funny dude. – [Dan] Thanks man. (upbeat rock music) Wanna go down by the water fall? – [Jay] It looks like all this is for you now, right Dave? – Aw dude. – With you peeling […]

Concrete Contractor Houston – Breaking Concrete Using a Drop Hammer

Hi, this is Steve with Pavement Services. Today, we’re breaking some concrete using our drop hammer. Because it’s a Caterpiller 272 Skid Steer, it works pretty fast. We’ve already sawcut this area…now we’re going to break it out and repour it. We have a hydraulic hammer also, but this works so much faster, we don’t even use it […]

Screen Time with Later: Weekly Social Media News [ Episode 1 ]

Hey everyone, welcome to the world premiere of Screen Time, a weekly social media show covering the hottest trends, news, memes and more. In one quick little recap video for you. I’m Taylor from Later and this week in social, a TikTok meme is sweeping the nation. Stories are coming to LinkedIn and Twitter we dig into why […]

Judge Says Trump Can Be Sued For Repeated Attacks On The Media

Donald Trump is facing yet another lawsuit while serving as president of the United States. This one brought by a group called PEN USA, it’s a literary association, was filed back in 2018. So they’d been fighting this thing for nearly two years through the federal courts and this week a federal judge said, yes, I agree with […]

Walt Disney World Resort 4-Park Magic Ticket Television Commercial (2019)

>>So Brian and I were thinking about holding off till next year, you know. But… the kids aren’t getting any younger so maybe we should go. Then we saw this offer they have, and I was thinking is this finally the year? So guess what? [silence] That’s right, we’re going! You know, you’re really great listener. Must be […]

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