ROT54. Радиооптический телескоп Геруни. Radio optical telescope. Den Stalk #67

I want to show you one of the most unique radio-optical telescopes in the world It was created over 30 years ago using unique technology. he was created to observe the universe I climbed Mount Aragats, this is the village of Orgov the telescope is on that side behind me is the TNA complex for space communications huge […]

Volunteer Citizen Reporter Risk It All to Find Out Truth About Wuhan CoronaVirus Outbreak

It is now 1.30am on 25th January 2020 Which is the first day of Chinese New Year I’m here at Wuhan Central Hospital To take a look inside the Outpatient Department Because last night there were some people who welcomed the new year in the hospital I’m not sure if I can meet any of them This is […]

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