Secretary Pompeo Remarks to the Media.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Good morning, everyone. QUESTION: Good morning. SECRETARY POMPEO: Thanks for joining me so bright and early today. QUESTION: Lovely day you picked for – (laughter) — SECRETARY POMPEO: Beautiful day. Before I begin my formal remarks, two thoughts. I want to acknowledge the Navy personnel who were gunned down last week in Pensacola and extend my […]

Jordan conducts massive military exercise along Israel’s border – TV7 Israel News 03.12.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories; Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz warns that unless Israelis remember that they are all brothers; the unyielding political discourse may denigrate into a struggle between brothers, or even – God forbid – a civil war. The Jordanian Armed Forces held […]

TVJ Midday News: Brazen Attack in Dover, St. Catherine – December 11 2019

Grafton innovation brown with the midday news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot Mediacom the police are trying to ascertain whether an unreported conflict could have led to last night’s incident in Davos and Catherine in which gunmen shot nine persons for fatally no motive has been established for the attack which took place […]

Cenk On CNN Headline News

let’s introduce our expert panel joining us from our political scene other from political dated march also with us from our townhall dot com national political reporter for channel dot com many carpenter gamecube is with us most of the young talks saw nixon satellite radios liberal or radio show and communications consultant e_j_ walker kinda sociological performed […]

Social Media Marketing Plan PDF (STRATEGIES THAT WORK!)

Stuck on how to build out your social media marketing campaign? Watch this video for our full proof of marketing guide formula. For the best social media marketing advice and advice on how to start scale or optimize your social media marketing agency. You’re going to subscribe to this channel and be sure to hit that notification bell […]

Communications after an attack and the role of media (short)

New video showing police running into the mosque after a gunman shot and wounded one person. Berlin, early this morning, amid the scattered debris of the festive season a weapon of mass murder is slowly removed. Social media is playing a major role nowadays in spreading the news… particularly bad news. Everything is very fast… and you don’t […]

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