Pet Parents Be Like – “Us” Series Part – 3 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Bye, guys! – Why can’t you stay back for dinner? Are you crazy? We’ve been here for 4 hours while I promised Leo I’ll be home in an 1 hour. Leo and Bailey would be waiting for me. I can’t stay […]

Vaikuntapali || Ep 04 || Telugu Web Series || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

‘News just broke in that prominent businessman Mahindra has been brutally murdered.’ ‘It is being assumed that he has been strangled to death. His body was found in his new unfinished office building’ ‘Was he killed by his competition or is there more behind this murder? Police are yet to find out.’ ‘Businessman Mahindra has been brutally murdered. […]

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