How we’re helping local reporters turn important stories into national news | Gangadhar Patil

I’m a journalist. And I know how frustrating it gets when most of your stories go unnoticed. I felt it when I worked as a local reporter in my hometown Belgaum, in India. I thought maybe joining a national newspaper would help. So I went through professional training and worked with India’s three national newspapers. During my five-year […]

What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser

I was talking to a guy at a party in California about tech platforms and the problems they’re creating in society. And he said, “Man, if the CEOs just did more drugs and went to Burning Man, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” (Laughter) I said, “I’m not sure I agree with you.” For one thing, most of […]

Clay Shirky: How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history

I want to talk about the transformed media landscape, and what it means for anybody who has a message that they want to get out to anywhere in the world. And I want to illustrate that by telling a couple of stories about that transformation. I’ll start here. Last November there was a presidential election. You probably read […]

How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders | Elizabeth Lyle

I am guilty of stacking my dishes in the sink and leaving them there for hours. I fact-checked this with my boyfriend. He says it’s less like hours and more like days, but that’s not the point. The point is sometimes I don’t finish the job until the stack has gotten high enough that it’s peaking over the […]

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston

My parents gave me an extraordinary name: Baratunde Rafiq Thurston. Now, Baratunde is based on a Yoruba name from Nigeria, but we’re not Nigerian. (Laughter) That’s just how black my mama was. (Laughter) “Get this boy the blackest name possible. What does the book say?” (Laughter) Rafiq is an Arabic name, but we are not Arabs. My mom […]

Karima Bennoune: The side of terrorism that doesn’t make headlines

Could I protect my father from the Armed Islamic Group with a paring knife? That was the question I faced one Tuesday morning in June of 1993, when I was a law student. I woke up early that morning in Dad’s apartment on the outskirts of Algiers, Algeria, to an unrelenting pounding on the front door. It was […]

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