Breaking the stigma of O.C.D. | Damian Alcolea | TEDxMadrid

Translator: Marcos Fernandez Konvalinka Reviewer: Laura Díaz Aguirre When I was 11 years old I started to thoroughly wash my hands with bleach until they bled. When I was 14, it was difficult to follow lectures at school and I would go through the paper because I had gone over my writing so many times. When I was […]

How digital media and big data are redefining democracy: Clifton Van Der Linden at TEDxUofT

[MUSIC PLAYING] How many people in the room voted in the last Federal Election? [LAUGHING] All right. So that’s a good number. I’d say about a third of you . So it depends– there’s a selection bias in the room, to an extent. The time people who would come out to a “Ted Talk” in the middle of […]

Zen kōans: unsolvable enigmas designed to break your brain – Puqun Li

How do we explain the unexplainable? This question has inspired numerous myths, religious practices, and scientific inquiries. But Zen Buddhists practicing throughout China from the 9th to 13th century asked a different question – why do we need an explanation? For these monks, blindly seeking answers was a vice to overcome, and learning to accept the mysteries of […]

TEDxMarin – Jennifer Siebel Newsom – Re-envisioning Women as Leaders: How the Media Can Help

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Lena Clemente Thank you. Misrepresentation is more than a film, it’s a social action campaign to empower women and girls and create lasting change in our culture. In a nutshell, the film suggests that if you can’t see it, you can’t be it, and if you can see it, you can’t be it. In […]

Clay Shirky: How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history

I want to talk about the transformed media landscape, and what it means for anybody who has a message that they want to get out to anywhere in the world. And I want to illustrate that by telling a couple of stories about that transformation. I’ll start here. Last November there was a presidential election. You probably read […]

Judson Brewer – Simple Way to Break Bad Habits (Condensed Talk)

When I was first learning to meditate- the instruction was simply pay attention to my breath and when my mind wandered, to bring it back. The instruction was simple enough but I was missing something really important. So why is it so hard to pay attention? It turns out that we’re fighting one of the most evolutionarily conserved […]

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