Amazon and Toshiba announces the new Fire TV Edition 4K televisions with Dolby Vision support

Amazon announced its very first 4k fire tv edition televisions featuring Dolby vision support the new fire TV edition TVs are made by Toshiba and will be sold exclusively through Best Buy and Amazon while the 55 inch model is already available for purchase on Amazon for $450 while the 50-inch and 43 inch versions will go on […]

WHY + HOW to Add Closed Captioning to Your Social Media Videos | Ep 10

Why should you add closed captioning or subtitles to your social media videos? And how do you actually do it? I’m gonna answer that right now! First up why, why would you add closed captioning? Hopefully I don’t need to take very long to sell you on this: we’re in the age of mobile. And wherever you are […]

Prison Break and New Land, Survival in the Tropical Rainforest, Ep 98

Many peaceful days have passed Oh my god! The little wild boar had escaped … Maybe I should continue to move inwards This area has a lot of rocks not suitable for sustainable production A black snail Another one This place is good for a simple shelter Grilled black snails I will go around here to find food […]

AMCA (HAL) Aero india 2018 . Latest News!!

In 2008, India’s Aeronautical Development Agency began developing a multirole fighter to replace its large fleet of aging Jaguar, Mirage and MiG-23 fighters. The new project was tentatively dubbed the Medium Combat Aircraft (later revised to the Advanced MCA, or AMCA), to be produced domestically by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Shortly afterwards, the Indian Air Force put in a […]

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