Radio Mode Tutorial – SEAT Ibiza, Leon & Toledo

WAARSCHUWING: Iedere afleiding van de bestuurder kan leiden tot een ongeluk en persoonlijk letsel. Bediening van het infotainmentsysteem tijdens het rijden kan de aandacht afleiden. Deze video mag enkel afgespeeld worden wanneer de auto niet rijdt, behalve indien hij enkel wordt afgespeeld door de bijrijder. Deze video is geen vervanging van de gebruiksaanwijzing. Raadpleeg deze voor de complete […]

Internet Information Services (IIS) Lesson 1 – Introduction

Welcome to my lessons in Internet Information Services So what is IIS and what do I do with it? You may have come across the first couple images before, and if you have, then you have definitely run into IIS ( as explicitly stated by the 2nd image ) So IIS stands for Internet Information Services, and this […]

Intro to DATAVERSITY Events and Online Content

day diversity our events put a high priority on the value of networking and community we invite case studies from all over the world in a variety of topic areas including data architecture data modeling austere data management integration metadata management and more recently of course Big Data no sequel technologies data versity events really offer a fantastic […]

Why Is Marshall McLuhan Important? Tom Wolfe on Media, Advertising, Technology (1999)

okay American perspectives continues now with author Tom wolf in February he delivered a lecture on the legacy of Marshall McLuhan McLuhan was an educator whose theories on mass media were considered groundbreaking Mr Wolf's remarks at Fordham University run about an hour and five minutes well thanks so much father O'Hara I have to tell you you're […]

Cyber60: Internet of Things

Internet technology has quickly morphed from a cyber information network connecting people to a global ecosystem of connected things in this revolutionary Internet of Things are iot sensors and everyday devices feed data into the system sharing it among other designated things these constant connections make information available when and where it's needed enabling speed and efficiency and […]

Plex 101 – What is Plex? Plex Media Server Explained in Plain English – NAS and PC

hey everybody its lon Seidman and it's time for another edition in our 101 series where we explain technical things in plain English and today we're going to be taking a look at the media server called Plex and this is a free piece of software that's available for computers as well as a number of network attached […]