BREAKING: Deadly coronavirus spreads beyond China

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. They get their name from the corona of surface proteins, used by the virus to penetrate the cells of its host. Some, like the common cold, cause illness in people. Others circulate among animals, such as cats or bats. A novel coronavirus is one that hasn’t been detected before in humans. […]

Today’s Future Now – Stupid Stuff at the CES 2020 Tech Expo | The Daily Show

The future is coming fast, and it’s here now, which means Ronny Chieng is back with another installment of “Today’s Future Now.” -♪ ♪ -(applause and cheering) Thanks, Trevor. The “Computer” Electronics Show in Las Vegas just wrapped up. It’s the annual convention where tech companies show off new gadgets so useless, they make men’s nipples seem functional. […]

▶️ Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV | EP#198

Hey everyone, Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we are back for the fourth comprehensive review of blockchain social platforms so for the bulk of this I’m going to just be going through my top recommendations because I’ve reviewed over a hundred platforms and most of them I would not recommend unfortunately because what we’ll dive into the actual […]

5G technology expands to media and mobility at CES 2020

at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the latest developments in 5g technology are presented by range of companies across various industries 5g technology has moved beyond telecommunications and is penetrating into industries like media and mobility in fact Samsung and Chinese firms like Lenovo and TCL are presenting their newest tablet PCs laptops and smartphones […]

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