Giant Stars Don’t Follow the Rules | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] At first glance, the universe can seem pretty straightforward, like when it comes to dying stars. According to the standard story, which matches most of what we see around us, small stars die relatively quietly, while big ones explode as supernovas. But while that sounds neat and tidy and all, the reality is, big stars are […]

Within Temptation – Supernova (Acoustic on BBC Radio 2)

Drowning in a haze and I just want to get in deeper Purple skies with a million stars I’m floating around These days when I’m losing track of time These days when I’m burning up inside These days when I’m lost and search the skies I’m waiting for your last goodbye ‘Cause I’m not over it, not over […]

What Are Fast Radio Bursts? A Big Mystery in Astronomy

You might think you’re watching an educational channel, where I explain fascinating concepts in space and astronomy, but that’s not really what’s going on here. What’s actually happening is that you’re tagging along as I learn more and more about new and cool things happening in the Universe. I dig into them like a badger hiding a cow […]

The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts

[♪ INTRO] In 2007, an astronomer named Duncan Lorimer discovered an oddly brief, strong radio signal that seemed to come from an unidentified source in space. Astronomers were baffled. Usually, bursts of radio waves come in predictable, repeating patterns, like the ones we’ve detected from stars called pulsars. This was totally new. At first, skepticism was high that […]

NASA Telescope Discovers the Origin of Cosmic Rays

About two or three times a century, a massive in our galaxy explodes. The star’s core may survive as a neutron star or a black hole, but the rest of it rushes into space as swiftly expanding debris behind a powerful shockwave. As the supernova remnant grows, it sweeps up interstellar gas and gradually decelerates. Yet even thousands […]