Hey! New York Times Trump Headline

-After four years of spewing racist, anti-immigrant vitriol, President Trump read a scripted denunciation of racism off the teleprompter yesterday, so the New York Times decided to go with this banner headline, “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism.” TheTimeslater admitted the headline was flawed and changed it for subsequent editions, which brings us to a segment called “Hey!” [ […]

Lady Gaga, Trump and the Super Bowl – Learn Spanish with Slow News – Will Gaga Mention Trump?

lady gaga ha sido elegida para cantar en el energy and show fuentes dicen que le de gagá trier a la política al juego algunos se preocupan de que ella mencione al señor down from aunque un fuerte partidario de clinton funcionarios de la nfl afirman que lady gaga cerrar profesional afirman que todo lo que ahora es […]

Inside Pizza Hut's Sports Marketing Strategy with Marianne Radley, CBO of Pizza Hut US

I hope you guys have really enjoyed it I do want to thank make sure we thank the NFLPA for helping us out as well as a la sed for hosting us an awesome venue obviously so I'm gonna give you a quick background and bio on Marianne and then we'll get her and Ian up here and […]

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