Celebrating 25 Years of Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of MTA International. Remember, this is the age of the Promised Messiah(as) and it is about this era that Allah the Almighty revealed to the Holy Prophet(sa) that it would be a time in which there would be many great technological advancements, including the establishment of the press. This […]

Why Codependents and Narcissists Can’t Break Up – Terri Cole

Well, hello. Do you know anyone who’s codependent? Do you know anyone who’s narcissistic? Are you either of these things? Because the codependent and the narcissist are people who find each other and sort of are perfectly matched. The way that every cracked pot when it comes to love will find the cracked lid that fits perfectly. My […]


I think we grossly underestimate the internet The internet itself is ultimately the thing that give us an opportunity to solve the thing that I think is really in our hearts and more passionate about It’s interesting. I say this all the time and I’m empathetic that the system doesn’t put everybody in the best position to succeed […]

The #1 Thing to Add to Your Social Media Strategy | Monday to Monday with Jessie Reyez & Murs

What book are you doing right now man, what do you want looks word? We’re crazy. That’s not how I learned just wasting just right You know Based on my thesis that hip-hop rules the world. It’s probably a fifty billion dollar company if you was your thesis hip-hop rules the world What can we help you guys […]

The Schitt’s Creek Cast on Slow-Burn Success, Red Carpet Stanning and Moira’s Wigs

-Can you feel the heat, the heat in this room? The love? The heat? Come on! That’s what I’m talking about. Oh, my God! Look at that! That’s it. Are you feeling this? -I always wanted to say this legitimately, “Please, be seated.” -Wow! -I could actually say it this time. Yeah, thank you, guys for coming back […]

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