So you’re dealing with an addicted generation. This is a big time bomb ticking. You, it will get really worse, ok? So combine that with the fact you have an addicted generation that doesn’t have the skill set to ask for help, combined with the fact that they’re so good at Facebook and Instagram they’re good at putting […]

How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders | Elizabeth Lyle

I am guilty of stacking my dishes in the sink and leaving them there for hours. I fact-checked this with my boyfriend. He says it’s less like hours and more like days, but that’s not the point. The point is sometimes I don’t finish the job until the stack has gotten high enough that it’s peaking over the […]

Süße Fossa-Babys im Zoo Duisburg |

Mike Kirschner (director of this departement): We are here in the fossa installation at Duisburg Zoo. All in all we’ve got 10 exhibitions for our fossas: three can be seen by the public and seven are behind the scenes, which are called breeding exhibitions. In them the mothers can raise for their offspring undistrubed. The advantage is not […]

Jim rohn: BREAK YOUR BAD HABITS (Jim Rohn motivation)

the diseases of attitude never that pleasant to talk about the negative but we got to talk about it because life is part negative these attitude diseases are like weeds that grow in the garden it’s a normal part of life here’s a good phrase to note negative is normal it’s not successful but it’s normal it’s part […]

Tony Robbins: Break the Cycle of Negative Thinking ( Tony Robbins Mindset )

Music I can’t control whether you’re husband and wife will live or die or get sick or leave you or get a divorce I don’t want any of that to happen any healing day I hate suffering I do anything I can’t help people’s not suffer but I can’t control that you can you can there are people […]

Lessons That Failure And Radio Taught Me | RJ Ginnie | Josh Talks

Whenever we go to a new organization we immediately try to fit within the organization we wear clothes like them, starting conversing like them sometimes because our bosses smoke cigarettes, we start smoking Because we all want to fit in I had a really good job, it was a perfect job I was what everybody should be once […]

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