How We Made Our Own Media Company • Making Watcher

– Hey gang, welcome to “Making Watcher”. Quick note before we get into the episode. This first episode will be free on YouTube, but all subsequent episodes will be exclusive to Patreon as well as a bunch of other fun stuff so head on over there to check that out, but for now, enjoy “Making Watcher”. (bright music) […]

Inside the risky venture of Spaceport America

(serene music) – [Reporter] Out in the hinterlands of New Mexico sit two very different oases in the desert. One is this, a glittering alien complex called Spaceport America. It claims to be the world’s first purpose built commercial spaceport. And as early as next year, the port could host its first batch of space tourists, wealthy thrill-seekers […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: International Women’s Day 2019

Unlike many materials, glass is amorphous, meaning it has no crystal structure. Due to the amorphous nature, glass has no slip planes, which allow other materials like metal to deform. This means that when a force, especially a concentrated force, like a sledgehammer strike, is applied to the glass, it will fracture. As a brittle material, any cracks […]

Tech World: Uber CEO news, Amazon makes $13.7bn acquisition and more

Hello, I’m Emily, welcome to Tech World, your quick round up of the top technology news stories from across the globe. For this episode’s hot topic interview, we spoke with Daniel Lyons from EY about how technology is revolutionising modern transport. First though, here are your top international stories. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced he was taking time […]

Is this the future of SOCIAL MEDIA? Find out what U-Space is on C-Level with Chris DeBlasio

– Today on C Level, Tobin Brogunier, the founder of USpace, stops by. We talk about social media and privacy. (upbeat music) Tobin, thanks for comin’ by. So we’re gonna talk about privacy, social media, a lotta stuff, but tell me a little bit about you first. – Well, my background is actually in humanities, not technology. I […]

Google App Marketing

you were building a product and you know it's going to be great but how will you get that product into the hands of the right users in the right way at the right time marketing but marketing is a huge playing field so how do you choose the right strategies and the right tools and how do […]

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