RADIO LIVE | MAMAMOO – Yes I am, 마마무 – 나로 말할 것 같으면 [정오의 희망곡 김신영입니다] 20170705

As for me I’m woman who has confidence To put it in words, A woman who has feeling My Baby! If you’re confident, you can try following me Follow me, follow me Follow me-e ay ay Makeup is light, ‘cause I’m lazy I won’t show skin, no need to do that It’s strange, I’m a bit unique I […]

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Easter Eggs in Disney ABC Television Shows Commercial

>>Sean Giambrone: Fellow fans of the force, its Sean Giambrone from ABC’s The Goldbergs. Last week, Disney smuggled Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Easter eggs into seven ABC shows. Did you caught them all? Take a look. I’d join the resistance to get that shirt.>>Looking for this?>>Sean Giambrone: I don’t know Batuu, but I love that monkey wizard.>>I hear […]

Mexican Soap Actor Slaps Reporter: Star Eduardo Yanez Hits Univision Reporter

I think this guy’s confused that the red carpet isn’t a soap opera. Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez slapped a Univision reporter on the red carpet. The soap superstar claims that the reporter asked him a question that was out of line. The television star slapped Univision personality Paco Fuentes after he asked a question about Yanez’s son. The […]

Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans with Dutch speaking Belgian reporter

How do you divide your time between Hollywood and South Africa? Are you still coming home a lot? No, no, I don’t have a place in South Africa, but I will really be coming back, because it’s the country that I miss. It’s the country where I’m from… But I will be staying in Los Angeles like the […]

Disney California Adventure Kidsultants Television Commercial

>>ANNOUNCER: When we designed Disney’s California Adventure we look to the experts.>>Kid #1: Be sure you get soaked. [children screaming]>>Kid #2: Make it creepy.>>Kid #3: Make it go [children screaming]>>Kid #4: Make it Goofy [children laughing]>>Kid #5: Make me a star [sfx: camera shutter]>>ANNOUNCER: We got it, Disney’s California Adventure is way cool.>>Kid #6: Are you mouse enough?

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