Is Time Travel Possible Social media question #UnplugWithSadhguru

Blurb: A question from social media is posed to Sadhguru at College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University in Chennai about time travel. Sadhguru talks about the dimensions of time and space and one’s relative experience of time. SG/TW: Your sense of time right now is only because of your physical identity. If you can sit here without any […]

Are Phones & Social Media Bad For Kids? Juhi Chawla Asks Sadhguru

Juhi: Namaskaram, this is Juhi Chawla Mehta. Nowadays, all kids are glued to their mobile phones, tablets, iPads, all day. So what is to happen to them? One – because of this whole exposure to radiation, and two – the pressure of social media. Sadhguru: Namaskaram, Juhi (Laughs)! Technology is the tremendous enabler in our lives. How many […]

Breaking India & the Tukde-Tukde Gang – Sadhguru || Nation Matters Ep 01

Sadhguru: Democracy does not mean you have the right to dismantle a nation. their agenda is not even for the well-being of the nation. No more tukde. Anybody who talks about that should not exist in this country, or they must they can be in state hospitality. Interviewer: Namaskram Sadhguru So Sadhguruji you talk about the enemy within. […]

The Insect Rave — This Dance Will Break Your Arrogance

Sunday Satsang The Insect Rave – This Dance Will Break Your Arrogance 10 September 2017 – Excerpt Spontaneity, actually, is one of the big things. When we become attached or we have desire, something tightens up and we lose that sense of spontaneity. There is a story about this. Once in the jungle, the insects got together and […]

The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)

We love information. In order to communicate information, we need mediums. In today’s world this means we’re dependent on things like: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. The Media For those of you that don’t know, media is simply the plural form of the word medium. Now the thing is that these mediums have incredible power to […]

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