Money and lifestyle – 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello, and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Rob: And I’m Rob. Neil: In this programme we’re talking about finance and in particular planning for our future lifestyles. Rob: I can barely afford my current lifestyle! Neil: Same here, but perhaps we’ll pick up some good tips today. Before that though, a question. Being a millionaire […]

BBC English Masterclass: Words that connect ideas – so to speak, I mean… (Discourse Markers 2)

Sian here for BBC Learning English. In this Masterclass we’re going to look at more ways you can use discourse markers to help connect your ideas when you’re having conversations. Ok, so discourse markers will help you sound more fluent and help you understand native speaker conversations. We’re going to look at seven different discourse markers today. Listen […]

Curbing our plastic addiction – 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello, and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Rob: And hello, I’m Rob. Neil: Today we’re talking about plastic. Rob: Yes, it’s our addiction to plastic that’s of concern because this material doesn’t decay very quickly, so once we’ve used it, it hangs around for a very long time. Neil: It is a problem – and […]

Grammar: Verbs after ‘stop’, ‘go on’ and ‘regret’

Hi Sian here for BBC Learning English. Now lots of people stop to buy a coffee on their way into work, but not me – I’ve stopped buying coffee. What’s the difference – ‘stop buying’ ‘stop to buy’? You’ll find out in this Masterclass. In English we have a group of verbs that can be followed by the […]

Why do young people feel so lonely? Listen to 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello. Welcome to 6 Minute English, I’m Neil. Sam: And I’m Sam. Neil: And we are sitting here in New Broadcasting House, in the middle of London. Would you say, Sam, that this is an isolated place? Sam: Oh no, not at all. Isolated means far away from other places and people. Neil: Does that mean then, […]