5 uses of break – English In A Minute

We’re going to look at five different uses of the word ‘break’. As a verb, ‘break’ can have many meanings, but today we’re only going to look at three. Number one. It means to ‘separate into pieces’. Oh, I sat on my glasses, but thankfully they didn’t break! Two, break means that something ‘doesn’t operate or doesn’t function […]

Social Media Vocabulary – Advanced English Speaking Lesson | Improve your English vocabulary

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today’s lesson is going to be rather short and quick and as well as fun. I found a lot of students coming to me every now and then and giving me a lot of updates when it comes to ‘Instagram’ or ‘Facebook’ or ‘YouTube’ and they are […]

How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL

Hi everyone. It’s Jennifer here with a special kind of lesson. I plan to give you some tips and a short task to help you practice your English, particularly your grammar. Do you think someone will ever write about you in the news? If they did, what would you want the article to be about? Well, we might […]

NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE | Learn English Conversation 11 subtitle

Welcome to my channel Basic Learn English What are the benefits of reading a newspaper or magazine? Newspapers or magazines can broaden your mind about thousands of things without the need to travel. How often do you read it? I read it every day. What’s the best time to read the newspaper? I think the best time is […]

Interesting English vocabulary used by Radio Jockeys – Free English lessons by Rima

Hey, hello, hello welcome to this show today, you’re listening to Rima FM and here it’s all about the English. Well, welcome to the lesson for today and like you figured it out already, it’s all about words related to radio. Now radios a fun medium, it’s an interesting medium, it’s a live medium and people have enjoyed […]

Learn English Through Newspaper – Interesting English Idioms used in everyday English Speaking.

‘Cure for cancer is on the horizon’, uh-huh… ‘politician criticizes doctor as out of reach’ okay, ‘three hundred and thirty thousand Pounds down the drain in the bank scandal’ what do we mean by “down the drain”? Down the drain means something is wasted completely. Don’t worry do you get confused when you read such idioms in the […]

When ‘tell’ doesn’t mean ‘tell’ – English In A Minute

Hi, everyone! Think of ‘tell’ and you think of speaking, but ‘tell’ doesn’t always mean ‘tell’. Let me tell you why… OK that time I meant speaking. Not only does the verb ‘tell’ mean ‘say something to someone’, it also has a meaning similar to ‘know’, ‘recognise’, ‘understand’, or ‘perceive’. We often use it in combination with the […]

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