2019.12.04 12:00 NEWS Headlines

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in Seoul today for talks with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha to discuss bilateral issues as well as other regional issues surrounding the Korean Peninsula and East Asia. Amid stalled nuclear negotiations with North Korea,…. U.S. President Donald Trump says military force against the North is one of the options on […]

2019.12.02 12:00 NEWS Headlines

South Korea’s exports fall in November for a sixth straight double-digit decline due to growing external certainty such as the us-china trade war and slowing global economy with hopes of reaching a mutually acceptable deal South Korea’s chief negotiator departs for Washington today for defense cost-sharing talks with the US which would be a fourth round of negotiations […]

S Korea’s presidential office refutes Japanese media reports

shifting our focus to these whole Tokyo Intel sharing pact which has been extended but is once again caught up in controversy Japanese officials reportedly construed the deal as a one-sided win for them with no concessions made on trade and denies of apologizing to solve for such distortion Shin Semin has the latest in a read out […]

Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

North Korean leader Kim jong-un is sending a Thanksgiving message to u.s. President on trumpet through his regimes latest missile launch that’s the common perception among US media outlets as a report on the North latest firing of two projectiles The Washington Post says Pyongyang uses two star Thea the start of Thanksgiving holiday to vent its frustration […]

U.S. media, gov’t react to Kim Jong-un’s “Thanksgiving missile test”

now North Korea’s launch was time to fall on one of America’s biggest holidays of the year Thanksgiving US media says the launch is the regime’s message to Washington that the clock is ticking on leader Kim Jong Un’s year-end deadline for the two sides to resume nuclear talks Oh Sooyoung with the details North Korean leader Kim […]

2019.11.28 12:00 NEWS Headlines

the prophecy with ASEAN nations continues for president on genna’s he sits down with the Malaysian Prime Minister in Seoul to talk about ways to boost cooperation and trade defense and technology especially an era of the fourth Industrial Revolution amid ongoing negotiations over defense cost sharing between South Korea and the u.s. a Pentagon estimates they will […]

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