[SCHOOL RADIO(스쿨라디오)] Block B(블락비) _ Toy(토이) [SUB]

Block B’s lunch broadcating that comes without a warning Let’s get into that spectacular scene, full of passion! This is Seongnam financial high school They are studying hard, not knowing what woud happen in few seconds There’s some booger on my script The main characters of 2nd SCHOOL RADIO, Block B One hour before lunch, they are done […]

Base hospital diyathalawa corona song-දියතලව රෝහලේ කොරෝනා ගීතයAny like media

अजय को [संगीत] है लेकिन हम देवता व्यक्ति मुद्दे खून उपलब्ध है कि मेरी स्किन था अब हम एक उनका यू अमीर व अमीर व्यक्ति हैं कि नील धन से नहीं न सिर्फ बनेगी विवाह तपसी ई पता तेरे अवतार पिंपल 7 मिनट में अलार्म नियुक्त न कि देख समन्वयक नियुक्त नस्लों विनोद बिन्नी ने कि अ के […]

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 Kim Jin-woo, YG’s mysticism took over by WINNER 20170809

Did Mr. Kim Jinwoo break YG’s mysticism? It’s not me, but Winner tried a lot to break 1TYM-sunbaenim, BIGBANG-sunbaenim They’re known for not leaving their waiting rooms. So there’s chamber pot in their waiting room They don’t leave for washroom too So we think about breaking the mysticism So we signed on our CDs and personally visited others’ […]


Vladimir Putin and Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov discussed school education at a working meeting. The Head of the Ministry told the President that all funds for the organization of free meals of junior students are already provided In addition, the Ministry controls the construction and licensing of new schools and kindergartens and pays special attention to compliance with […]

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – G-Dragon in touch with major trouble so happy to Zion. T! 20170517

Zion T. immediately accepted GD’s offer to collaborate But there was some story for it? I featured in GD’s solo album before But we’re not close with each other So I was really happy I was driving in Garosu-gil (when I received his call) And I was driving a small car…a cute car a cute friend While driving […]

IMPOSSIBLE REMIX – “Break My Mind” DAGames (Five Nights at Freddy’s 4)

Welcome little child to the darkest fears inside Come and join the fun, take a journey through the night Watch the closet doors or else the night consumes you more Taking every piece of innocence that never sees the light So grab your only ammunition your common sense and torch! The corridors are filled with fright when something’s […]

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