Sind wir alle Social Media abhängig? 🤳🙇‍♀️⎜Auf Klo

. Wenn du etwas gepostet hast, guckst du alle paar Sekunden, ob ein neuer Like dazu gekommen ist. Hallo, Leute, wir reden heute über Social-Media-Sucht. Was ich natürlich überhaupt nicht kenne. Spaß beiseite. Tatsächlich sind die Teenager zwischen zwölf und 17 Jahren heute durchschnittlich 2,5 Stunden am Handy bzw. auf Social Media aktiv. Und wir machen heute noch […]

Erfahrungsbericht – Teilnehmerin Social Media Manager

Ich bin Luisa Aha, hab in Marburg Kunst, Musik und Medien studiert und im Anschluss bin ich nach Berlin gekommen für ein Praktikum in einer Event- und Bookingagentur, hab dann da auch vier Jahre als Eventmanagerin gearbeitet aber nach vier Jahren wurde mir das dann einfach zu stressig und auch zu wenig inhaltlich die Arbeit und da habe […]

Was macht ein Social Media Manager? Ortsunabhängiges Arbeiten als Digitale Nomadin.

Hello and welcome back to my channel! and it was about time for a German episode… Having received multiple requests on this topic I would now like to go ahead and explain what it is that I make money with and what it means to be a social media manager. You probably all know what social media marketing […]

Internet Heroes of Genius: Corporate Social Media Manager

Bud Light Presents: Internet Heroes of Genius ♪ Internet Heroes of Genius! ♪ Today we salute you, Corporate Social Media Manager. ♪ Corporate Social Media Manager! ♪ When corporate execs can’t handle the online bullying anymore, they hire you to clap back at the haters. ♪ Shutting down those mean trolls! ♪ Shakespeare. Tolstoy. Hemingway. Of history’s greatest […]

Productivity Hacks Every Social Media Manager Needs to Know

Hi, social media marketers. My name is Kerri from Socialbakers and I wanna share our top five productivity hacks from the experts. Today’s marketers are having to deal with two big challenges. Number one: Staying at the forefront of an ever-changing social media landscape. Number two: Understanding that success is achieved by maintaining this velocity but without the […]

The Pros & Cons of Cross-Posting on Social Media | Social Media Marketing

Using social media is a great way to connect to your customers. You can show the world what you’re working on, your latest products and respond to questions. The problem is it’s very time consuming. We all want to keep up with the competition and post consistently, so naturally we look for a shortcut. The solution cross-posting. Create […]

1 Simple Social Media Strategy for Getting Attention in a “BORING” Niche

– Hey everyone, this is Neil Patel, here. I’m with Adam from Viewership. – Hey, everyone. – We’re here for another Q&A Thursday, where, whenever you have questions around marketing, business, or anything, you can always leave a comment with your question, and we may answer it next Thursday. So please, leave your comment with any questions you […]

Kevin Owens starts his career as a social media producer

Introducing first the team of Sammy Zayne and Kevin Owens.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Always shoving these phones in our face. I’m taking it now. Let’s do your thing. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] >>They don’t look worthy of being my children.>>[APPLAUSE]>>ISA.>>That’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Come on, let’s bring Joe out now. [MUSIC]>>Hey, I love this song. I love […]

The ROI of Every Social Media Platform | Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford Graduate School

– I met Gary at some conferences, I saw you speaking and I was just, I thought this man was a genius. And, not just the content that was coming out of his mouth, which was so helpful to a lot of these stalwarts that were in this room that just were very clueless and were five years, […]