Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong (CEO & Social Media Influencer, Wuz Good Enterprises) – Create Your Job

(upbeat music) – El black-y-el (explosions) (upbeat music) – I think the new way to make it out here is creating a job for yourself, and that’s what social media influencers have done; they’ve created opportunities for themselves to be seen. Which has slingshotted them onto television shows, into movies, into shooting commercials or being in commercials. What’s […]

Ainura Kudaibergen: Social Media Influence & Responsibility | Media, Culture & Communication Profile

Ainura: Media is something that allowed me to find myself in such a big big world and making my own little difference in my community. I was born in Kazakhstan but ever since I was young I’ve been moving with my family from one country to another so whenever I get asked where I’m from, I prefer to […]

Why Do We Share On Social Media? | The Business of Influence | Forbes

I think oversharing can be a problem and I think it's something that I've worked through being so early on the Internet some people will just completely inundated with their meal there every single waking moment and it does get to be a little bit much and for somebody living that type of lifestyle it's not really healthy […]