Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser – Smarter Every Day 229

(Smart Lock Opening) (Smart Lock Dingsl) – [Destin] It just worked. – [Ben] Yep. – Alexa, Okay Google, Hey Siri, set a reminder to subscribe to Smarter Every Day. You have a microphone listening to you in the room right now, what I just did probably worked to a small percentage of you. That is terrifying. Another thing […]

BREAKING NEWS !!! Xiaomi Smart Home Products Get Google Assistant Support, Coming Soon to the US

xiaomi on Friday announced that its range of smart home products will now get Google assistant support allowing users to control these products using Google home smart speakers or the Google assistant app on smartphones and tablets apart from that its initial selection of gadgets including the bedside lamp mi LED smart bulb and mi smart plug are […]

The future of renewable energy is making it look cool

(calm music) – Remember the Jetsons? They had gadgets galore from holograms to a robotic maid, but they also probably had an astronomical electric bill as well as a massive carbon footprint. That’s still an issue for our own home of the future, but unlike the Jetsons, we’re actually using some of that cutting edge tech to solve […]


Alexa estás lista? estoy lista Capitán! Hola que tal cómo están yo soy César Dabián y esto es Vivo Emprendiendo El día de hoy estoy súpercontento porque voy a compartir con ustedes un vídeo que toca dos de lostemas que más me apasionan el primero es el de negocios y el segundo es el demarketing en este vídeo […]

Controlling all your entertainment from a single device

(upbeat music) – It would be easy to argue that we're in the goldenage of entertainment. Never before have we had somany options at our fingertips. But with all these possibilities the modern home is facedwith a number of problems. Contents spread across multiple devices. Different apps and variousstreaming services. Our home of the futureshould be able to […]