(FR/EN subs) Coronavirus Breaking News : It’s sunny

And following the popularization of the hashtag #stayathome on social medias, the far right has decided to file a complaint for slogan plagiarism Point Coronavirus now, with the ceiling of 10,000 deaths (it’s pronunced like DC in french) already reached and exceeded in France Yeah Johnny, give people a little bit more joyful info, otherwise they’ll keep grumbling […]

LIFE Before SOCIAL MEDIA – Then vs Now ..| #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

did we come live?? yes We’ve got so many wedding invitations so we thought to brought for you an amazing vlog so let me tell you today we’ve wore designer outfits I am just gonna to show you the whole outfits I’ll upload pictures on Instagram….. but Madam we can see your whole outfits Is this LIVE…. yes […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jeremy’s Big Break

Jeremy: That’s an x-ray of my leg, right there. Jeremy: That’s an x-ray of my leg, right there. Ryan: So do you have pins in there now? Gavin: Oh god. Jeremy: That whole experience… Michael: But- Jeremy: ’cause it was during a football game And um… I just tackled somebody when it happened. [Michael “plays” the trombone in […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

Burnie: (singing) Gavin or Google, Google or Gavin, Which one said it? Let’s find out, hey! Gavin: I’m feelin’ lucky! Burnie: The first phrase that I gave to both Gavin and Google is… “Can you break…” Burnie: First return… (Barbara laughs) “Can you break your own neck if you really wanted to?” The other’s return: “Can you break […]


Rat Eggs Demon Eggs Dog Eggs Chris. It’s all the same. Soapy eggs Slimy, Grimy, Twisted Eggs Chris, listen man, um Generally you’re a pretty good guy You can’t possibly think there’s a difference but I’m being dead serious with you, this is disgusting No don’t! EEHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG Soapy Eggs, twisted, slimy grimy

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